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Biting (And Gagging On) The Bullet

2004-07-27, 9:46 p.m.

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After having my tooth kinda hurt (well, it's never been outright painful, just sometimes I'm more aware it's there than others) starting at 11 p.m., popping an Excedrin, and then having to wake up at 4:30 a.m. to pop another one for said tooth again, combined with the general nagging of chat and the general timing coming up (i.e. I don't have an enormous lot going on during the first two weeks of August)... I caved in and agreed to get my wisdom teeth taken out.

Within a few hours my mother (who I had calling on this stuff- even if she had known I have a phone at work, mine stopped working for some reason) had me booked for August 11 and 12. She told me my options were either then or THE VERY NEXT DAY, so I didn't feel like I could really be picky in my choices, even if I was supposed to go to a rock-climbing and cake party on the 13th. Well, not any more. I mentioned this to her afterwards and she was all, "You should have told me you couldn't do that then!" I was all, "You told me I had TWO choices. You didn't say "oh, pick any day you want!" You said I could have tomorrow or the 11th, not any time in between!" Call me crazy, but wouldn't you have interpreted it the way I did?

I'm pretty miserable about the whole thing, of course. Basket-casing, really. I'll have to swear off eating for a good long time if I want to avoid gag-n'-puke issues. Whee. I get to reiterate to a new person that yes, I really do have a gag reflex, no, it's not just in my imagination, and no, I can't swallow those heavy painkillers. I may very well have to go without if my choices are gulp'em down or anal suppository. I'm not looking forward to spending several days passed out from drugs or crying in pain anyway.

Argh. I so don't want to do this.

I will try to block it out until the week of, but who knows.

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