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High Horse

2018-07-27, 10:21 p.m.

The day started out with a meeting about our work retreat at the end of next month. It is going to be themed around Strengths Finder 2.0, if you ever heard of that. I read it years ago, used, which means I couldn’t use the “code” to take their online test. Eh, whatever. I don’t remember much about it. Like everyone else, I enjoy taking personality tests but then never do much with it, because nobody does.

BigBoss pretty much acknowledged that everyone’s taken personality tests before, such as at last year’s retreat. Has anyone heard of this one before? Done it? One of them* was all, “I’ve done it multiple times for work and then the leadership dropped it.” This shocked approximately no one including BigBoss, and we then proceeded to discuss how nobody really ends up using these things ever, but this time we’re going to. We’ll see on that one, of course.

* On a related note, I have decided to dub one of my coworkers “High Horse” because he is the perfect example of the Kacey Musgraves song. As you’ll see, he really earns that resemblance. He even uses the word “classic.” Those video links are really great, btw. Go take a break and watch them.

I am pretty much “whatever” on this topic for the most part. Everyone enjoys having to do a personality test on work time, I’m sure, so at least it’s mild entertainment. And ye olde internet research says this emphasizes what you’re good at and NOT everything you suck at, which I REALLY FREAKING NEED AROUND HERE, because I am tired of hearing about what I suck at. Wouldn’t it be nice if my job wasn’t just all about what I do wrong all the time...but that won’t happen.

Though she did say “team building exercises,” which literally made me hide my face while my so-called teammates looked on (because I was forced to sit within their eyeline today instead of hiding in the back to avoid them like usual).Yeah. I don’t wanna. There is no reason on earth why I should “trust” these people. I’m pretty sure if I was holding their keys and wallets and was on fire and they had fire extinguishers, they’d just kick back with popcorn, maybe film it for future enjoyment. “Eh, it’s worth it having to replace all my cards and losing a few twenties, let the bitch BURN.”

Oh, btw, here’s what Mr. High Horse said when we got back to the office about taking the test: that it showed that he was a “self-absorbed jerk who thinks he’s better than others,” and “what I got from Strengths Finder is that I’m a sociopath,” and “I’m like a psychopath! Me me me!” You wanna share an office with this guy? I will trade!

So.....yeah. I’m glad he’s a passive something-path, at least there’s that. He could be worse. Shunning beats other things he could be doing.

Also on the topic of bullying, I heard something about why the last coworker left: apparently she secretly gave a month’s notice, did not think this job was going to be this busy/insane/thrown to wolves (seriously, you need at least 1.5 years of experience before you don’t suck at phones here, because otherwise you know jack shit), and...this is the fun one, I gather she was getting picked on by certain other coworkers. Sounds like they were nitpicking the shit out of her. Greeeeeeat. I don’t get why the hell you can’t support people when they are in tough jobs instead of driving them the fuck out. You know it’s hard and it’ll take 9 months to a year to hire someone else and that means more work for YOU in the meantime, so is it great to drive them out after 3-6 months?

My job hunt is going awesome, in case you wondered. I haven’t found a job in seven months to even apply for that I barely qualify for because all the jobs out there are either Finance Person or Front Desk Phone Person. The only job I’ve seen lately that I almost qualified for was the last job I interviewed for, looks like that one opened up again this week after a year and change. Gee, I wonder why when everyone is quietly miserable there and they don’t support you and send all the angry people your way.

I had more panic and fear and last minute drama thrown at me again today, but at least all of my “team” left early and left me and my nice assistant alone in the afternoon. So huzzah there. But I hate when I leave work and am so hungry (at 3:30 I ate a second lunch and I was still hungry) and tired that all I do is stuff my face for hours and then do nothing but say, watch corgi videos (“Do Corgi Butts Float?”) on the Internet. I used to go to shows and things, y’all. A show I want to see is on right now but my energy is on the floor and I just can’t drag ass to the car and drive for a half hour. Yawn.

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