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2003-07-28, 8:55 p.m.

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I'm glad I stayed home this weekend. It was quite pleasant. I managed to get several things done.

I got the bedsheets done, which makes me happy. Also good timing since Hill's dad will most likely be by in a few days to work on reservations and whatnot. Though I am rather at a loss as to what to charge- I don't want to gouge and my sewing isn't THAT great, but on the other hand, I worked an estimated fifty hours on the thing. I need the money, but I'd feel guilty gouging. Argh, still haven't decided.

I also finished working on the reversible dress I was trying out. It went surprisingly well in the end, though I must admit it's rather uh, warm.

Now I've moved on to working on the quilt square issue... which is well, hm. Indescribeable. Oh well, I do have a month, right?

In very happy news, they passed a budget Sunday night! Yeehaw! Full paycheck! Just in time for me to start paying the entire rent myself for August! Well, ugh on that bit, but for once I've got a few less things to worry about on my big long list. Big fat hooray to that!

And would you believe that I told Mom about the trip- and she was totally okay with it? Well, I figured she wouldn't have issues with me going so much as money, but she didn't even bat an eyelash, so to speak. She even offered to pick me up from the airport on the way back, and Dad offered a temporary for-emergencies credit card that they want to drop by here on Friday night and do dinner.

My laptop is currently in Fresno and should be delivered soon!

And finally, Dave went to his loooong-awaited unemployment thing, which I was freaking about after looking up info on it last night and seeing their strict criteria. But according to him after going to this, they only have 3-5 people applying at a time and he was one of two, so let's hope. He may be coming here fairly soon.

Good news all around. Amazing.

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