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Walking and Shopping

2004-07-28, 9:48 p.m.

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In other news...

(a) I have gotten a pedometer. They seem to be mentioned an awful lot lately, and I thought it would be interesting to see just how much I DO walk around per day. I walk for at least 25 minutes straight six days out of the week- I don't know how much that actually does for you, but I'm curious.

So far I'm starting to wonder if paying $20 for the (only) one I could find was a bit of a waste, since I think it counts a few steps too many. As of 9:48 the first morning, it claimed that I'd walked 889 steps and burned 30 calories, after having walked around my room, the living room, to the bus stop and to work. Uh...that seemed a bit too many. Plus I tried taking five very deliberate steps and it counted them as seven *ahem*.

I thought after the first day that I probably would have walked at least 8,000 steps, if not outright 10,000, because I went shopping after work and hit the bead store, book store, and Chinese restaurant for a takeout menu. But the result? 5986 steps, 205.9 calories burned. Which I guess is about technically what they recommend at, but still me somehow. Oh well, on Saturday I walk back and forth to dance class, so we'll see what that results in.

Anyway, I'm just so sick of my blubberwaist lately that I really want to do something about it. Two days a week (on a good week- or at least, before August and tooth removal and two craft classes come up on consecutive Saturdays) of 2 1/2 hours of dance is already going on. I'm oddly not as sore as I used to be post-class, which the teacher is considering a bad sign. I can't help but wonder if being able to move the day after class more often means that I'm more fit? Hah.

I am debating signing up for another dance class this summer, but haven't decided yet. Either way it'd be Wednesdays or Sundays, depending which one I went for. Belly dance is Sundays from 1-2:30. Samba would be Wednesdays from 8-9:30. I'm not sure about the time of either- on the one hand, knitting will be over Wednesdays so I'd have the time free, on the other hand, it's another night where I don't get home till 10ish. On the other class, it's Sunday. But when do I do much Sundays either if I'm home? Problem being, if they're 4-class sessions, and I am guaranteed to miss the first one of both due to crying in pain from surgery (though more guaranteed on Wednesday than Sunday- hey, maybe a miracle could occur), should I sign up still?

I want abs of steel, I just don't want to do crunchies for 'em.

Ran into my old boss and a former coworker while I was pedometer-shopping. I thought it was my ex-boss at first when I strolled by (outdoor seating), but thought, "Nah, it's probably not her, she never goes out for lunch except to the pizza joint behind the office." Then on my way back, I recognized the ex-coworker, which confirmed it.

It was a fun conversation, actually, very flattering.

My knitting is improving. I may actually finish the thing before the summer is over. The back piece is completely done, and I'm probably a solid third of the way done on the front. It's still a very frustrating thing to do, though, and I'm not sure how much I'll keep up with it on my own time.

Still think I'll give the advanced knitting class in the fall a shot, though. I found the perfect book of sweaters that look easy and more generalized, but it's $30 and I'll wait till class starts on that one. Borders was offering a sale thing- 50% off of one book if you bought another and both were of the same type, and 25% off a CD if you bought a book- kind of strange, but I needed to get a paperback (easier to carry) copy of my favorite book and it was one of the sale ones, so I picked up Bird By Bird along with it, and Patti Scialfa's album. (But all of that's another entry.)

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