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2012-07-28, 11:36 a.m.

I haven't even had time to update stuff.

So I mentioned that I am getting another job? Well, I found out at the staff meeting on Wednesday that I start the new one...oh, AUGUST FIRST. Der, what?!?!

This seems uh...really soon to me, but the reasoning for this seems to be "blah blah, something about how we have to pick an official date and stick to it." I find this confusing, but...whatever, I guess. What's especially weird is that for the same blah blah pick a date sort of reasons, I'll have to stop doing the temporary job at the same time on the same day. Now that seems to me to be a whoppingly bad idea for the office, since there is one other person currently trained to work in there right now (the other one quit and the other person being trained is going out of town), and what happens if that guy's out sick? (I say this because he was out sick and I was in there all day Wednesday.) I had pretty much assumed I'd be doing this stuff until the end of August, so it seems kinda foot-shooty to have me unable to do it any more. I have pointed this out to people.

But...I am not management, I don't particularly want to be management and I can't talk PC-like anyway, and I have to remind myself of that every time I want to express an opinion and have it done. It's not my place to decide. And having the power to make decisions means that you also have to pay the price of dealing with more nastiness erupting and the joys of having to can people, and I don't wanna, so there you go.

I have received two $25 gift cards at work this week for good service, so that's lovely. And I have pretty much finished every project that I was working on at both jobs, so all I have left for the remaining two days are the usual daily chore stuff. I am still rather weirded out this week, though. Of course, it only gets weirder from here on in, eh? My new work location is ah...called "the fishbowl." That's kind of an "argh" thing right there, but what can you do?

I have had Talks with the outgoing manager, the incoming manager (who is a sweetie and took me out for drinks) and the other office manager about these things, and that's all gone well, though the topic of "what do you REALLY want to do with your life?" has come up a lot. Hah, like I know. I have had to explain why I was at this job for 10 years--uh, can't get anything else. But what do I REALLY want to do? Not management, so what else is there to do to make moves? Go elsewhere, but I still don't know what else to do there either. Many yonks ago, the head of the place where I work said in a meeting that nobody grows up dreaming of working here. True. It's a place you fall into and do well or not. But...I still don't know what else to do, so I stay. And I have REALLY SUPER LUCKED OUT, under the circumstances.

It would have been interesting, had I had my shit together enough to really decide to move in fall 2012, to have gotten laid off at this point in time. (Right before I would have "officially" hit 10 years, HMMM.) I guess I wouldn't have had to worry about quitting. But in the end, I'm glad that alternate history hasn't happened. Because god knows I have needed the practice on driving time. Now I am up to negotiating around the Sacramento freeways by myself--even found the fairgrounds WITHOUT INSTRUCTIONS OR GPS NOW-- and that's something.

Mom has actually cleaned out ALL of the storage units. Or at least she got rid of enough stuff that she wanted to sell or push elsewhere and paid money to the storage unit people to clear out the crap (finally). Huzzah! I won't inherit the stupid things after all! I am impressed that for once she actually got shit done. (Now on to cleaning her house a bit?)

I haven't heard from 2 friends recently (by which I mean, I tried contacting them and got nothing) and it is worrying the hell out of me if they are too busy, in trouble, or have just Moved On and are sick of me and I should take the hint and go away. Which since the latter one is usually what happens in life, is probably the most likely. I don't know what to do there.

On a more cheerful note, I returned to the state fair with L last night and it was marvelous. I showed her the nifty crafts, we saw a few booths with disturbing food, and I took her to the awesome clothing booth, where I bought another dress upon first sight (it was rainbow!!!) and she bought THREE, which is pretty unusual for her. But they were so awesome! So she was happy and I was happy. And we saw Joan Jett perform, which was awesome. That girl is so cute.

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