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Who Should Have Swords?

2019-07-28, 9:16 p.m.

Then I came back home and then a few hours later, left for the start of tech week for the play!

At rehearsal, things got amusing when Scott (who lord knows has been playing with the sword fairly often, like the rest of us) actually objected to having a sword in the play when Laure briefly decided that as a noble, he should also be carrying one around. As I recall, he objected to this because it might be awkward in the fight scene and also, if they have swords, why aren’t they trying to kill each other straight up. This turned out to be even funnier the next day, but you’ll have to see the next entry for why.

“I don’t have a sword.” -Scott
“Now you have a sword.” -Laure
“Wait, you’re a guy and you don’t want a sword? “ -me
“They won’t give me a sword.” -Jim
“They probably shouldn’t give you a sword.” -me

As Cory pratfalls: “A 4 from the East German judge!” -Scott

“What’s my line?” -Cody
“You villain.” -Scott
“Right, because you yelled it at me.” -Cody

Cody and me making fun of the line “The time is right for our conference:”
“Shakespeare has no subtlety.” -Cody
“Here’s some scenery to chew on.” -me

Cody passes some rock-looking candy around:
“What are they?” -Brian
“I dunno, I got them from him.” -Cody
“Poison. I would have thrown them at you but she was in the way.” -Valentin
“Rocks. Eat a rock.” -Cody
“The man is a connoisseur of eating toothpaste.” -Cody on the blue rocks in particular as Scott eats one. Cody does not recommend the blue rocks.

“I just love their old mangled bodies.” -Cody on LeBeau’s love of wrestling.

“I would give more but my hands can’t get the clasp.” -Cameron with the necklace she’s supposed to give Cody.

Someone brought up the idea of a Star Wars As You Like It sword fight. It was suggested that the opening scene now have some force choking.

More on swords:
“Now he doesn’t know what end to hold.” -me
“I told him to stick him with the pointy end.” -Scott
“This IS the pointy end.” -Cody, holding the slightly blunted “pointy” end

As Scott plays with the sword: “Only one song comes to mind: Princes of the Universe.” (Probably me.)

Valentin and Laurel were playing with bananas, Valentin was eating the peel again.

“I definitely want to ride you but I’m not going to.” -Laurel to Valentin, doing various lawn shenanigans in the back.

“Laurel! In our house we don’t draw on bananas...You can draw on my banana.” -Laurel as Valentin draws on a banana peel.

Me and Cody again:
“Aren’t you supposed to go on soon?” -me as Cody is supposed to go on after Rosalind is going on about him.
”I don’t want to do anything.” -Cody
“I’m just saying, if a girl is drooling all over you, you should let her drool all over you.”
(Cody makes a face.) “I’m not going to drool all over you, she’s going to drool all over you. It’s different.” -me
“I’ve learned so much more about you now.” -Cody

“She only speaks Spanish and she keeps hitting me on the tush!” -Laurel, I have NO idea on context or who “she” is.” Unless this was Laurel hitting Valentin on the tush, which might have also gone down.

“Cause I want drama.” -Scott
“Drama llama.” -Laurel
“Save the drama for your mama does not apply to her.” -Scott

“I almost got my brother.” -Cody feels Scott other candy that it turns out he can’t eat.

“I know about binding, crap, I have boobs.” -Laurel
“Thank you for writing that down.” -Scott to me.

“We name our pees.” -Valentin
“What do you call it when you write in the snow?” -me
“Pablo Pisscasso.” -Scott

“I’d be my own hologram.” -Cody on his one-man show that we all think he should do since he acts out everyone’s parts as much as he can when people are out.

“Once I lay off the coke, I’ll be fine.” -Cody.

Shelly acted out Hera tonight, very showily.

Snark I had with Jim backstage: since our characters are crazy at opposite times, maybe they will work out after all. Also from Jim: “Theater people are good crazy. There’s good crazy and what the hell are you thinking crazy?”

“We’re bad actors.” -Cody

Scott, still imitating Deadpool after his character’s redemption: “Oh balls.”

“I’m a basket case.” -Jim

“Leave the singing to the goats.” -Jim to me

“Ring ring, Hera calling.” -Scott on the special effect of bells going off when Hera walks in.

“I have to drag him over.”
“Story of my life.” -me and Jim

Jim says we should check Jaques’ coins to see if they are dark chocolate. If it’s milk chocolate, it’s not love.

“Yeah, we know what he meant by ‘measured swords.’” -me

“A few notes, if I could read them. And it was light when I wrote most of them.” -Laure (tell me about it, trying to transcribe this myself here)

“It was good, I love it, everybody is doing really well. Charming and lovely.” -Laure.

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