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Another Last Night In Summer

2015-07-29, 5:57 p.m.

I am proud to announce that I have, after large amounts of repair money being spent, that my car got successfully smogged Tuesday morning. I feel like I should earn some kind of adult merit badge for that.

The rest of this entry shall be a bit sad, as it was the last time I saw Merry before she left for Portland. I went over there after work, where she had several people over helping her with moving stuff. I didn't get to talk to her mom friend much—she wasn't over for very long and was mostly helping Merry in the back with sorting books or something like that. But I had a GREAT TIME hanging out with her other friends, Gray and Caitlin. It was such a great time I wished I had met them earlier, except it's already too late—they're already on their way out of moving out of town, like everyone else. Missed opportunity there. Oh well, I got the one night at least.

Turns out the two of them agreed with me about a lot of things, especially ah, Merry's usual romantic drama and a certain person we all know. I know the person the least well of the bunch, but it helped to get other people's opinions of why they think the person is just plain strange and super overly codependent to deal with. “Like Nathaniel from Anita Blake?” I said at one point and got a high five for it. They're also English major people, so that was fun for me. I also heard some fun scandalous stories about people they dated, and in one case about someone's famous relative. (Let's just say I'll remember this person's name if they crop up in the media for...something you do not expect a professional in their job to do.) And at one point we pretty much ended up playing Hot Spot from improv (that game where everyone sings related song lyrics) for awhile, which Merry really enjoyed listening to. At one point we were doing Book of Mormon, and it kinda killed me that despite the fact that I have been listening to the soundtrack on repeat, including right now as I write this, in the car and on the iPod for what, three weeks now? And I still didn’t remember alllll of the lyrics. Ridiculous!

Anyway, the three of us attempted to clean the walls, doors, fridge, cabinets, etc. This did not go well because, well, everyone who’s lived there seems to have had massive amounts of slobbery. By which I mean stuff like “I don’t know how a bunch of short people managed to get all these huge dark smudges on the walls that none of you could reach and you didn’t even have furniture there.” I managed to get a bit of schmutz off here and there, but really, the place needs a massive repainting, recarpeting, and...well, let’s just say that I feel sorry for the landlady and it’s a good thing nobody’s counting on getting the security deposit back. Around 9 we pretty much gave up on the cleaning, especially since some areas like Merry’s son’s old bedroom (he still hadn’t come over to clean out his crap) hadn’t been cleaned out yet. Merry’s other friend left, but the rest of us went out for drinks and late night appetizers at Applebee’s and had an awesome time. I didn’t want to leave and I don’t think anyone else wanted to either. So I didn’t leave until like 11:30ish and I had way too much liquid at a late time and spent the rest of the night peeing like a racehorse on the hour.

Parting is such sweet sorrow, another one bites the dust, etc., etc. I get tired of this sort of thing and people moving on to bigger and better while I stay put. I’d like to visit but who the hell knows any more between finances (cars be semi-expensive) and well, whatever drama is usually going on there at home. I don’t rule it out but I don’t really have expectations that I’ll pull it off either.

I normally love summer, but the suckiest things about it here are (a) work because it's a worse busy/special snowflake season, and (b) it's moving season and everyone but me seems to move on. Merry was all “your time will come,” but if I have a meltdown at moving, clearly it's not going to. Meg asked me the other day if I want to or not and I was all, yes and no, but no mostly wins since yes is too damn hard.

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