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I Don't Miss Dating, Y'all

2018-07-29, 10:26 p.m.

I didn’t do much today beyond rest up, go thrift store shopping, groceries, read a book, got some writing done but not as much as I hoped, but Mom went off for a romantic weekend in Mendocino with her boyfriend and came back slightly annoyed at finding out he describes her as a “good companion” who he “really likes.” She says the L-word has been said by him occasionally, but she sounded a bit annoyed. I guess she’s been wanting to Define The Relationship and he’s all, I like being independent and having my own house. (Which I think is all for the best given her hoarding, but I didn’t say this at the time.) He had, as far as I’m guessing, a long divorce, and he sounds like what I call a “grower” rather than a “show-er,” i.e takes awhile to fall for someone. Whereas Mom is more like me there. I think he sounds quite fond of her and schmoopy as far as I can tell, but yeah, after a year of dating I might be concerned. Mom was all, maybe we’re just friends with benefits then.

So, yeah. I don’t think it’s breakup territory, but definitely on the “lower your expectations” category. No future stepfather, no mingling of the fams, I guess.

(On a slightly related note, I saw a dude that looked at least somewhat like Roger’s son at one point during the day, but elected to Look Busy rather than figure out if it was him or not. If that’s how you wanna be, fine. I don’t have the energy for that shit no more.)

I am writing this actually on the day after this entry is dated, in which Mom wants to do weekend planning and saying she feels like she’s been neglecting me lately (she cuts out on the mandatory phone calls when Roger wants to go out, but I’m fine with that!) and “maybe he needs to know that I am not always available and maybe he will miss me.” Ooookay then.

I don’t think I miss those days of dating, y’all.

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