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Satanic Rituals In My Work Email

2020-07-29, 11:18 p.m.

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Cast list as of November 2019

The morning conference thing was a nice idea, but really just overwhelming. When there's 60 people and you put them into groups of 20 for a half hour and you have to get through 9-10 different org reps apiece talking about a bunch of complicated stuff at once, and frankly, each issue itself needed a half hour of discussion.... and we only had a half hour/hour.... argh. I really wish someone had just sent out a poll asking people to write out how they handled all their issues.

Also, we have a huge issue at giant org--the Gods of the Giant Org blocking what we need to do--and we were told cheerfully by another org, "Oh, we just asked ours and they said it was fine and we could do what we wanted!" YEAH, DON'T I WISH. Then that person was all, "Why don't you ask your BigBoss to ask?" and it's a good thing I had the mute on so nobody heard the HAHAHAHAHAHA SHE CAN'T THEY HATE HER BECAUSE SHE TRIED ASKING.

The rest of my day went to shit because some girl who has horrible international requirements is now threatening to call the CEO and giant org president on me because she hasn't gotten what she wanted yet. "Why is this so hard?!?! I have been calling and complaining EVERYWHERE since June 12! Why isn't anyone reading my very clear instructions?!??" Note: they actually weren't so clear, but that's probably more the fault of the country. However, what they are asking for is uh.... not super possible during coronavirus, as it turns out. Because BIG BOSS AND ONLY BIG BOSS MUST PHYSICALLY SIGN THE PIECE OF VERY SPECIAL PAPER. Big Boss doesn't normally sign stuff physically, as that is passed on to her lieutenants. (And not to judge a lady's age or guess at her health issues, but I don't think anyone would advise that Big Boss go see people outside her house right now.)

Now, I said over and over again that I can't physically do any of this from home, so I passed it (a few weeks ago) onto the public service team. When I first got the angry email, I passed it on again and got a response saying that they were working on it. Okay, fine, I said, just let her know when you mail it. Then the drama continued. She asked for a notarization (see above on "very clear instructions") and then now says she doesn't want it. I am pretty sure I said over and over again that Big Boss has to sign the thing, and when I passed that on to my coworker, she said the equivalent of "uhhhhhhh" and "maybe you should contact your supervisor about this." And now her mother is leaving me angry voice mail.

Joy. Kill me now.

I also think I have probably pissed someone else off today, or several someones. I spent the afternoon scrambling and not managing to get enough done to satisfy anyone in the office.


We got one of those emails that says, "If anyone is contacted by X, please do not respond to him, pass that on to (organization that deals with unhappy/mentally ill/not so law abiding people)," because he tried contacting Lioness. I read the email chain of this and OMFG.

Apparently this dude:
(a) Got arrested three times for various things a few decades ago, which he claims to be innocent of and that the cop has a grudge against him because he keeps being arrested by the same cop.
(b) Is no longer in good standing with my giant org. As far as I can tell, this was probably because he missed some deadlines to get his work done (maybe while he was occupied with legal drama, I dunno), but I am guessing that's not how he took it.
(c) Has been harassing giant org since the 90's about this trying to get back into good standing, claiming that someone has a vendetta against him. I would certainly be curious as to why this vendetta exists, but somehow he failed to enlighten the people he was writing to on that.
(d) He sent several articles that have been written about him about his quest to get back into good standing. If I were him....I wouldn't be showing these around to people because even though the reporter was trying not to be biased, it's pretty clear that dude is not living in the same reality that everyone else around him is here, and that he has been freaking out others who were forced to deal with him and his anger issues. I don't know if it's a bad idea for me to mention this on my unread website, but again, he has made the media already for doing all of this so I don't think anything I said here could be considered confidential.
(e) AND THEN OUT OF NOWHERE, he brings up someone saying that he planned to kill the cop in a Satanic ritual.

I did not expect to have Satanic rituals come up in my work email, but here we are.

What a fun fucking day! If I didn't have rehearsal tonight, it'd be DRUNK TIME here. Probably just gonna get drunk and watch space tomorrow.


Ones I listened to but can't come up with much to say:

* The Impact of Universality of Superhero Stories
* Authors on the Best Advice I Ever Got.
* Women Rocking Hollywood 2020: Supporting Female Helmed Film and TV
* The Fleet Science Center Celebrates: The Stories & Science of Agents of SHIELD:I'm very disappointed in this, all I can remember was frequent discussion of diabetic mice or something? Admittedly I was listening to this as my day went to shit at work.
* Surviving the Hunger Games: Are the Odds Ever in Your Favor? I actually quite liked this one, I just didn't take notes (see above day). No, the odds are never!
* How to (Still) Be a Nerd For A Living. It's a bad idea to have to always go to the post office and you can't see clients in person either. I liked when one girl talked about building up your magic points when you're exhausted. Also, "I am like constantly dealing with trauma brain in the background." (Jazzlyn Stone) Hear, hear.
* Puppets! Fantasy! Musicals! – Exploring Big Adventure On A Small Scale. I like how they were all "I can put on my own show! And puppets are theatrical!" about it. I honestly did not comprehend the first episode of their show, mind you, but I guess I appreciate the effort?
* Over30Cosplay: Virtual Costuming, Cosplay Advice, Support for the Mature Cosplayer: Very heartening one, very nice people, also a lot of weapons. You're really only true to yourself in cosplay.... I love this guy Sherman (who cosplays as John Coffey from Green Mile) and saying that is how he knew what he wanted to do: acting. Also, the guy in the last 3-4 minutes with the horns....just watch it. Can't describe.

* Bill and Ted Face the Music: Kevin Smith hosted. You would expect him to give a rave review, but I wasn't expecting him to say "transcendent" and "I was sobbing." He super loved it more than you'd expect. His wife asked "what documentary did you watch?" From one of the writers, Chris Matheson: they originally improv'd these guys as two dudes having to learn history, and they were all, "Nobody they cast is gonna live up to us." They're having this conversation as they are behind two guys in a food line, who are joking away, and then they are all, "See, these guys should be in the movie." GUESS WHAT, THOSE WERE THE GUYS CAST IN THE MOVIE.

* A Conversation With Nathan Fillion. This starts out with clips of him and quotes about how awesome he is. Who put this together? Hmmmmm.....though I did like where Joss called him a clown. Unfortunately, Nathan has grown a schmuckstashe in quarantine and it's the one time I ever found him not hot. Some folks just don't look good with the manly asshole stashe and sadly, he's one of them. Now he looks like my jerk cousin I don't talk to. This is painful. The guy interviewing him (The Rookie showrunner) first brings up Waitress, which Nathan was clearly not expecting at Comic-Con. Then they show briefly calling Gina Torres, and then Alan Tudyk. Then they call up Molly Quinn and his cop buddies on Castle.
"What's something you never thought you'd be saying?" "I love actors." -Joss.
"The universe we had was perfect, all I had to do was take my space in it." -Gina Nathan to the cop buddies: "You taught me how to do exposition right." "Jon and Seamus were really good--" "I'm sorry, you froze, can you say that again?" -Nathan and Jon
"We are on a call about Nathan, and he makes it about everybody else." -Mekia.
"That is the end all, be all of my day." -Nathan
"He collects people as he goes through the world." -Alexi
"You kept the team together, I almost want to say like a captain?" -Joss
"I'm what they call perfect famous? No one chases me with cameras and I occasionally don't have to wait in a line." "They assume that I'm nice." "I want to trust you! Sometimes they're wrong...." -Nathan

I'm through with Saturday Comic-Con.... one day to go, and fourteen more videos to watch.

Robin Hood rehearsal:

I set myself up in the bedroom to use green screen and then my computer refused to cooperate with it. Sigh. Linda said she was fine with a bare wall and a "mix of screens." She likes most of the wigs and all of the scarves.

Mostly rehearsal was just a lot of debate. Turns out I am not actually doing anything in the contest scene other than yelling offstage, I guess? Whatever.

Elizabeth and Jason are going to attempt to make home videos of the archery contest and want folks to send in shots of themselves attempting to shoot something. I seriously do not have stuff like that in the house. Nothing violent :P Elizabeth said that "one of them is significantly more cheesy than the other." I immediately voted for the cheesier one. Elizabeth will also work on a golden arrow, pulled out one out of foil, and said "My mom literally just made this in five minutes." And as for video, "we film a bunch of different Jasons, pretty much."

Mostly it was another debate over whether or not to steal other people's footage. Linda said that after a "really intense conversations with Mark," :he can piece together whatever we want." Unfortunately she really wants to steal some footage ("I'd really like to go with the illegal version") and Mark said that we should use public domain, but if we kept it private "then it would probably be okay." And then Elizabeth was all "we could use the split arrow scene from Brave" and I was all DISNEY NO.

So some of us (me, Jason, Alexis) argued that you will get busted very quickly on YouTube and most likely Facebook as well, even if you keep it private on either. About the best compromise we could come up with is if she used any footage in a parody sort of way, however that would work. Afterwards I went looking up links on this. And was confused.

I really want to know how the heck Linda thought a split arrow scene was going to go in real life, because that was in the original script. Like....seriously, how?! That's shit you can only pull off in animation.

Other quotes from the evening:
"We don't have a bow, cheesy or otherwise."
"We''re gonna make it.'
"Good luck with that." -Robert and Elizabeth

"Morgan has a bow and arrow." -Linda
"I do?" -Morgan

What disguise should Robin Hood wear? "Is it too topical and cheesy if I wear a COVID mask for it?" -Cameron
"No!" -Linda

"So basically when my lines are done, I hide." -Jason

"Eeeeh, I'm not supposed to be here" -Linda

(As we're supposed to be cheering when Robin, disguised as Edwin the cobbler, wins) "Go Edwin! It's your birthday!" -me

Elizabeth "struggles with the guards, which she does quite well." -Brunette Sarah.

After all of that, I tried texting Scott to tell him all the drama, and then attempted to get advice on the copyright thing. He mentioned something about stock footage sites and I asked about that and he said that would blow whatever budget she had and she still wouldn't get what she wanted. Never mind, then.

I also found out that she asked him to play Little John, but he hadn't gotten back to her yet. "She already found a replacement," I said. SIGH. Clearly he doesn't want to be in the thing if he never bothered.

I heard from Shanna--her grant is going well, due Friday, and she worked on the launch (something involving Saturn) that happens tomorrow morning.

I also heard from Morgan, who amused me with a remark about my "pre-pandemic-post-apocalyptic pink hair." We discussed how neither of us are into flirting IRL (double for her playing a guy).

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