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2015-07-30, 6:26 p.m.

This is another two part entry!

So I mentioned in yesterday’s entry that I was up all night peeing like a racehorse? Yeah, I got so little sleep from that that I called in sick on a Thursday AGAIN. (Rather incoherently, my boss said the next day. “Well, I got that you were calling in sick...”) I was in such a damn fog I’m surprised I could operate a phone. Anyway, I went back to sleep until jerks across the street started doing construction on something, then sat around staring at the computer doing not much beyond being braindead, then I eventually uh...did the same thing as two weeks ago and went to the movies. (And then went swimming afterwards before my class.)

The movie I saw was Trainwreck. It had a lot more people there than Magic Mike and I am pleased to report that none of us were shot for seeing it. So there you go. Anyway, like the rest of the world I have been on an Amy Schumer kick. While I have zero interest in anything Apatow usually, the movie didn’t remind me of that sort of stuff and felt all Amy, so I was down with that. I was going to write a review of it, but I have been trying to post all of my damn journal entries from this month, this is the last one to go, and I am feeling semi-brain dead about it. But I thought it was pretty darned good.

Especially good bits (yes, some spoileration is gonna happen):
* John Cena as a secretly-unknowingly-gay bodybuilder not realizing the words that are coming out of his mouth.
* Amy’s family life was relatable--I don’t have a settled down sister to deal with, but I kinda related to the handicapped dad issues.
* Amy’s eulogy was priceless and really what anyone should say about someone who boiled down to “He was an asshole but I loved him.” It’s surprisingly touching in places you didn’t expect.
* Bill Hader is excellent. Don’t we all want emotional bodyguards?
* LeBron James is delightful and hilarious and who knew he had it in him? Downton Abbey watching, cheapskate bill payer who doesn’t wanna end up like MC Hammer (well, who does?), fervent pimper of Cleveland, plays the “best friend” role perfectly. These outtakes of him pimping Cleveland are so cute.
* That Amar’e guy Bill Hader was operating on (real life guy or not? beats me, like Amy I don’t pay too much attention to sports) was pretty funny as well, not to mention sensible enough to get himself out of a bad situation.
* Oh my god, THAT INTERN. Dude. You are sixteen years old and you are busting out surprise kinks all over the damn place. Do not ambush a girl like that. That’s downright Ghomeshi of you. (Also, snorting Adderall off a girl’s forehead?! Damn, kid. DAMN.) Hoo boy, is that kid gonna be a lulu when he turns 18 and hits his first munch.

Anyway, I liked it, but I figure it’s an “if you like Amy Schumer doing her thing, you’ll like it, if you don’t you won’t” sort of movie. To each their own on how much brutal honesty/bit of raunch/swinging girl they can take, I suspect. Overall, I thought her evolution worked in the movie, not in a “suddenly she’s gone Hallmark Stepford” sort of way (some reviews I’ve read seem to think this), but more of a “I can act like more of a grownup without having to go Stepford” sort of way.

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