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Somebody To Love

2019-07-30, 9:30 p.m.

This is like the most mood-swingy post ever, jeebus. If yesterday went from “wishing for death” to loving life, today was the other way around.

Work was way less bad today! Huzzah!

Quotes from work from my officemates:
“Even my Lunchables don’t taste good today.”
“Don’t give me things to roast you over.”
“Don’t be so mean.”
“I’m not mean, I’m fun!”

Rehearsal notes:

We were forced to sit around backstage tonight for the first time, just us and the wasps in their nest... hence everyone breaking out bug spray, which Cameron pointed out would repel bugs and the opposite sex alike.

“Cockroaches that walk away with children.” -Phil

Valentin wandered off, found the nearest creek, apparently dipped his entire self in it Laurel-style and then came back soaking wet.
“Did you just jump in?” --me
“Restrooms are up there.” -Phil
“No, it rained from the ground.” -Valentin

“...after I give her her boyfriend’s period.” -Scott on the bloody napkin souvenir.

“Why dress? Why do you betray me in this manner?” -Cameron having costume issues

“The poor sub-puppy.” -Scott on Brian doing puppy-dog eyes to Blonde Sarah. The guys then fist-bumped.

“You put the cute in cuticle.” -Brian

“My face hurts because that was funny.” -Scott

Fun fact from Scott: “The Spanish Inquisition gave you 30 days notice.”

“What happens when we have to pee down there? Go in the river?” -Carol

“I’ve gotten more accepting of this because there’s nothing I can do.” -Scott on his changing feelings towards “Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life.”

Valentin later changed into a .... dinosaur costume that he said he bought for Redhead Sarah’s party and just happened to have in the car.
Phil: “I thought we were doing dress (rehearsal) tomorrow?”

Scott and I discussed whether or not “country copulatives” means “horny hicks” and pretty much concurred that it did.

“And now there’s lightsabers.” Brian brought some small lightsaber looking lights, which of course led to lightsaber fights between him and Scott.

“Terrible poetry incoming.” -Scott

“She yawned, you yawned, I yawned. Yawning is contagious.” -Jim

Laure keeps giving me the same notes every night: be louder, don’t lose the end words. I’m not allowed to be mad when I say “I come, I attend,” I’m supposed to be cute (I say Audrey would still be mad at this point since Touchstone was being a jerk, but FINE), and I’m supposed to just stand still and be bored as fuck during Touchstone’s time-killing monologue. Now I just stare into the lights and wait for the aliens to take me.

And then, karaoke.

Good god, this got...I don’t even know what to fucking say tonight. I am trying to write this weeks later and I still don’t know what to say about the shit that went down.

It started out pretty well, as a bunch of us met everyone else after rehearsal and we got Laurel to come along and she and Valentin (still in dino suit) did some adorable dancing while the rest of us were singing. We also plotted more of what to do for Redhead Sarah’s birthday.

There was some girl--dubbed “Meghan Trainor Girl” for her visual and vocal resemblance to guess who--that was there tonight. I don’t remember the chick from some previous time but I guess others do because folks started making a big deal about how she and Scott should do a duet together and/or get fixed up because they both sing amazingly. (Actual quote from someone tonight: “She actually LOOKED UP FROM HER PHONE when he was singing.” Faint praise, I’d fucking say, but whatever these days.) Laurel in particular mentioned that Scott should get fixed up with someone, as I recall. I don’t think it helped that he’s still in Freddie Mercury mode and did “Somebody To Love” to boot.

I stayed the fuck out of it and politely kept my mouth shut and stared elsewhere during this topic of conversation because it was none of my fucking business, but I somehow doubted he’d go for much beyond a duet anyway since as far as I can tell he goes for hot brunettes.

After everyone else left and it was just him and me left outside the bar, we had--well, I don’t know if I’d call it a conversation exactly, per se. More of a kinda upset monologue out of him about how he isn’t great at asking girls out even if it’s just for singing a duet and he didn’t really have intentions with Ms. Trainor anyway. To which I was all, very neutrally, “So only ask if you think they’d say yes.” That’s what I do, after all (note that I ask other people to things and not him, for example, because others express interest in attending the activities I do). If you want to, fine, if you don’t, fine, not my business, right?

Erm. Well. I guess he thinks it is somewhat of my business even if again, I didn’t say shit on this topic or any other topics of this nature. Because he explained that he’s not over his ex yet even though he likes several women (no names given, ahem, but I’m sure I could guess who) and he isn’t going to ask anyone out and he’s too screwed up to get into a relationship anyway, like ever.

I don’t think I said anything to this other than “goodnight” and leaving.

What the fuck would you say?

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