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Last Day At My Old Job

2012-07-31, 8:10 p.m.

Today was my last day at the job I've held (with three boss changes, one office change, and ... well, that's the major stuff there) for 10 years.

Who has a job for 10 years any more (especially at my age)? I may never hold down a job this long again! Weird thought there. But I'm having a lot of weird thoughts today. I first woke up at 2 a.m.--like I needed to be THAT sleep-deprived? Then I dozed until 4 a.m., when I started dreaming about work and finally felt a giant poke in the shoulder. Thinking, "Oh god, I live alone, if someone's poking me THIS IS NOT GOOD," I woke up. Nobody was there, thank god, but at that point I gave up on sleeping for the rest of the day. I am wondering at what point I'll keel over tonight--or if I'll just be sleepless all week long since it's kind of a stressful week.

I did the various data entry stuff that I've been doing for years--then after I ran out of those, I was all, "oh my god, this is the last time I'm doing these." Sooooo weird. If I hadn't been doing half time in the other office, I would have ended up spending the entire rest of the day net surfing or something.

My boss took all of us out for Starbucks to say goodbye to me. It was really nice. I also had a shrink appointment today, so good timing for that one.

The afternoon felt more normal--still doing the same stuff in the other office that I've been doing every day for over 2 months. Seems really weird to think I won't be finishing out the summer here as planned--well, who knows. They're still down to one lone guy that works in there, so it seems kinda nuts they wouldn't try to fix that. I couldn't ask that manager today because she was busy/AWOL/something, but I'll definitely be setting up the new cube and new computer tomorrow during my usual shift instead.

Weird day. Then I go home and it's like usual, except that the Olympics are on.

In other news, I've heard from the AWOL friends! Huzzah!

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