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Oh Lord, This Week Just Got Awkward (Part 1)

2019-07-31, 9:32 p.m.

I went to work, got the emergency stuff done and then called out sick for the rest of the day. I felt like I was going to pass out on the keyboard. So much for my boss’s “don’t call out sick while I’m on vacation” edict, eh?

Dress rehearsal started tonight. I was looking forward to this week and now instead it was awkward as fuuuuuuuuuuuck. I said very little to Scott unless he said something to me, basically. Again, what the fuck would you say? Haven’t I gotten into trouble by talking to him too much now, apparently? Maybe I should just stop talking to him at all, except we’re still in a play for the next two weeks so that’s kinda not so doable.

This has just gone into worst case scenario territory here for me because when shit like this has gone down in the past, I’ve literally dropped out of social circles to avoid this kind of awkwardness, and now I’m considering dropping out of the theater crowd. I don’t want to, mind you, but I don’t even know how to deal with this.

I tried to be normal otherwise to other people, but it was very weird.

Quotes from rehearsal:

“It is best not to mess with older sisters, for they will put your head through the table.” -Cameron on her brother giving her some AARP stuff when she turned 30.

“You give a man one chain and he stalks you and writes you love poetry.” -Cameron

“If it’s wearing pants, it’s a boy, that pretty much is all there is to it.” -Cameron on Shakespearean logic.

“To be or not to be..I don’t know what to do.” --Phil does Hamlet in 15 minutes.

“To be or not to be, WHATEVER.” --Cameron on “the bad folio.”

Cameron mentioned going to a production of Hamlet and hearing someone being shocked that Hamlet died. “You had 300 years to do the reading.”

“If someone’s name is in the title, they are DEAD.” --Cameron

Me on Phil’s costume: “I like that he has a subtle peacock feather. And that I said ‘subtle peacock feather.’ Which is ironic given my peacock wardrobe.”

“In case of emergency, throw the fool and run.” -Jim and Cameron have deduced why the girls brought Touchstone along.

“Please let no wasps be wearing my dress.” -Cameron

“Life is hard.” --Elizabeth drops her water bottle lid.

“I feel like Celia when she’s inserted into Rosalind’s drama.” -Elizabeth as she’s in between Laurel and Valentin play-fighting.

“Ganymede is here to save the day. Most eligible bachelor in Arden, women! Men: man’s man, man about the forest.” -Cameron

“He speaks nicely.”
“Not really, but okay.” --Cameron and Elizabeth on Silvius.

“I’ll see you again in 20 pages.” -Jim to me after our first scene.

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