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2020-07-31, 11:26 p.m.

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I had a fuckup at work. It's not 100% my fault but is partially my fault. Mostly this is due to our schedule maker program being broken and we can't fix it, so a major deadline was automatically set a week earlier than it should have been (which I did not notice when updating the website), forcing everyone who didn't bother to do their work early to send it to me personally. Like, every 15 seconds, another email. So I am paying for that, lemme tell ya.

I'm having another issue in which the tech team needs to process some stuff. Well, the girl who used to do it quit (I repeat, she quit her job without any new job IN A PANDEMIC, and her SO's job is crossing had bad is your job to make that choice now?!), and then her boss got moved to something else, so the thing I have to get done has now been moved to THEIR boss, who let me know he was going on vacation for most of this week. Great timing there. Anyway, he made it sound like he didn't exactly know how to do it (sigh), but sent me a list of errors he found today. Turns out most of them were not errors, so.... who knows.

I trained the new girl again today, that went well. She's taking a lot of notes and stuff. I did hear from Former Coworker Sarah, she sounds fine.

I had a guy blow up at me today over email--he sent in the wrong form--and then he lost it on me because he has been having SUCH A HARD TIME for MONTHS (yeah, who hasn't) and I guess basically how dare I ask him to send in his information so he can get what he wants? And then he demanded to see me in person (hello, coronavirus?!). The fuck? So I had to send a SUPER apologetic "I'm so sorry, I didn't know you were having SUCH A HARD TIIIIIIIIIME, I apologize for bothering you!" and just let him have what he wanted without due process, and then suddenly he loves me and I am very helpful. Sigh.

Oh well, at least the girl from Wednesday finally got her precious letter, signed by BigBoss and FedEx'ed by grandboss. So that is done. Whew.

I had to email Grandboss about something (sigh....I have to email her about something else but I keep putting it off) and then she started nitpicking my request, and then I realized "to be fair, that does sound completely insane if you haven't worked here for years and been dealing with this thing being broken and programmed badly since 2012."

Today the painters painted my door. One of them knocked at 9 a.m., I put on a mask (he at least had one on) and he said the door needed to be open while they painted it, but they use quick dry paint so it'll only be an hour to dry. I was far enough away from the door to be over six feet away while this was going on and kept the mask on, but it was kind of confusing when the guy kept coming by off and on for hours. (I don't know if the one actually painting my door had a mask on, I couldn't see from back here.) They were also basically throwing a music party in the hallway, which at least wasn't going on during my morning training! I finally assumed after it got quiet around 11:30 that I could close the door again. Probably pretty safe under the circumstances, but still weird as fuck to have the door open and staying open and air and things like that.

Upstairs karaoke again: "Every Little Thing Gon' Be Alright," followed by "Gimme Love," followed by "Billie Jean." I had signed up for karaoke tonight, but after waiting for 10 minutes in the waiting room, I came to the conclusion that it must not be going on tonight. (Turned out to be a broken link, but I didn't bother to check my email and didn't find out in time.) Ah well. So I have nothing else to do but....

Today's Comic-Con:
* Tor Teen: Own Your Magic: Was listening to this during work and did not have time for notetaking, but this panel was very sweet.
* Careers in Geek Fashion. I feel sorry for the makeup artist. She also mentions people dating people in order to get jobs. Good god.
* Everyone's a Critic: Being a Journalist in an Online Age. This is people talking about media, movies they like, how some people claim they're going to start up production again...Pretty fun!

Women On The Dark Side: Chelsea Cain is all, what, you don't think about finding corpses in the woods when you're out there?
"Dark content for me is reality, psychology, and the things that make me uncomfortable and other people uncomfortable." -MD Marie
"My mom was worried about me as a child." -MD Marie
"I can pretty much say that my chldhood was dystopia." -MD Marie
"I LOVE murdering people as brutally as possible. I love it. When I've had a hard day, or a confrontation at the Silver Lake farmers' market, there's nothing better than to be able to go home and kill somebody graphically, violently, creatively....and then I feel better. I feel really good." -Chelsea.
"It's s STORY. I'm not actually a serial killer." -Chelsea
"I feel like I am a terrific role model for my daughter! I make money by making art!" -Chelsea
I like Chelsea Cain.

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