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Oh Lord, This Week Just Got Awkward (Part 2)

2019-08-01, 9:34 p.m.

The awkward situation from yesterday continued. He talked to me, I briefly responded when I had to and then kept my mouth shut and felt weird about everything. It’s a fucking joy. I don’t like this, but clearly my talking to him has...well...god knows I wouldn’t want him to think I’m coming on to him or something by paying attention to him. Which I’m not.

The longest conversations we had involved (a) oh, btw, Laure decided your scene starts out act 2 now (would have been nice to hear this from Laure since that’s her job, but...yeah, what do you expect there) and (b) my walking into the green room looking for the free mead samples while he was in there. I chugged them quickly and left. Super fun.

Quotes from rehearsal:

“You irritate a bivalve and you get a jewel out of it.” -Cameron on pearls
“Nature is weird.” -Elizabeth

“Good luck, I hope you live tonight.”
“Wrong Shakespeare.” -I have no idea who said this.

“He’s the one who really pisses me off.” -Jesse on Jim (something to do with video games?)

“She hasn’t killed me yet, so very good job.” -Cody

“Then Orlando saves my life, and I am transformed into Not A Dick.” -Scott

We now have boxing ring sound effects going on during the wrestling scene, which is being hidden in a box. This is....weird.

Not even on topic with this, but according to Scott, there is a Deadpool Build A Bear. I really want Ryan Reynolds to find out about that and get his take.

“I just wish I had finished puberty, just a little bit.” -Brian

“I may be evil, but that’s cold.” -Cameron on the Act 3 conversation between the Duchess and Oliver.

Phil spills a Big Gulp:“Well, anyone want a swim?”

Sadly I was not able to write down ALL the jokes about Jim being a ringleader on probation.

Jim: “You and your goats are keeping me on schedule.”

“I love how when I sing badly, you yell at them.” -me to Jim on our singing scene.
“I’m not a very nice guy, am I? I guess I have a vested interest in keeping you and your goats happy.” -Jim.

“Do your sick thing.” -Laure

Valentin is told to keep the monk’s hood on the entire time he’s in as Martext, we’re not sure he can see at all. “I’m laughing, not crying,” he said.

Laure to Shelly on her singing: “Have your last note be bad.”
Shelly: “Okay??”

Happily, Laure didn’t give me ANY notes tonight about my voice! Huzzah!!!!!

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