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2003-08-02, 4:05 p.m.

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(Part of this is from the LJ this week, yes.)

I'm writing this entry from the new laptop! Yay! And it works great! And Dave somehow managed to fix the bug in the other laptop! We still don't know how to say, make the wireless connection bit work, though.

And, alas, we won't be able to get that free computer assistance after all, nor will I be living with Raymond after all. We found out Friday that ahem, he's either quit or lost his job or something as of the end of last week. And all the contact info I have for him was for his work. Argh. So much for that.

Dave is griping at me that I should have contacted him earlier, but if he was gonna quit he wasn't exactly going to need a place here, was he? No wonder he never got back to me. So I guess timingwise I shouldn't beat myself up too badly for not getting off my ass and contacting him sooner. Or missing him when I went looking for him at the train station on Wednesday.

I don't know what to make of this, really. I guess it's just not going to be my luck to find someone to move in with me. On the one hand, this is gonna suck for my money, no question, and he seemed like a nice guy, and he could have fixed my computers for free.

But in a way, I'm kinda relieved to not have a roommate, still. I can have Dave over whenever without someone griping about it, and I won't have the stranger worry thing going on. And I have to admit...the real reason why I was so slow to contact him? Was because I felt weird about living with a guy that I wasn't involved with. I've done that before in the past, but I hardly knew the guys, was there for two months, and they were hardly even seen anyway. This would not be quite the situation with this fellow. I felt a little funny about living with a (presumably straight) guy that I wasn't involved with. What if he got a crush on me? This seems to happen well, fairly often with certain guys (computer types), and imagine the horror of having a out of town boyfriend and an in town roommate who's secretly lusting after you underfoot. I couldn't escape the uncomfortableness. I kept claiming I was fine with it, but really, well, I wasn't.

The irony of this whole thing is that I have someone who's dying to move in with me, and yet he can't move in! Even if circumstances were different, it's looking like he will be able to go to school at some point this fall. One of the possible government methods of payment went through, and the preferred one is likely to go through. And he can probably get on SSI too, though all of this is gonna take several months.

At Hill's prompting, I signed up at We shall see, though at this point I'm not holding out much hope. And at this point, Mom is definitely not going to help me out with rent if I need it *sigh*

Wouldn't you know it, I got a jury duty notice again. Amazingly, though, it's not until AFTER my trip. My luck must REALLY be making a change for the better, because normally Murphy's Law wouldn't pass that up. Hell, I don't even have to go in until AFTERNOON! I didn't know they did afternoon trial stuff. Hill thinks this means I won't be likely to get called in. Let's hope. Because at this point, while in theory I wouldn't mind being on a jury and I'll still get paid for it, I really don't want to have to take three different busses to get there and back every day.

A slight Internet dilemma has come up. While my site's been being reconfigured as to take up less space, what have you, I've been using my TypePad beta blog to continue blogging away. It's been a nice service to use, really, and their extras rock. I was planning on using it for when I am on vacation so as to create a vacation blog. I've got this wireless PDA, I might as well use it to make posts (while I am a fan of other people's audio blogs, I refuse to put my nasty voice online) from the road, and I can easily post vacation pics per day or something.

So I'd set up a site and was all excited, and...uh, turns out the testing phase is now over. On Monday, they send me the info to sign up (with pretty big discounts) or to export my stuff to my old site. And well, not up to doing the latter right now.

I think I will be signing up, at least temporarily, so as to keep my stuff going and my ability to blog from the road. I am a little wiggy as to seeing how well I can get online from the road as is even with dial-up in hotel rooms.

For those wondering what I've been up to on this beta blog stuff, here's the beta blog. Here's the site I want to keep for the road trip site.

I have had fun with photo albums as well. As a trial idea for the self-portrait quilt for 3WA, I've been making a bunch of graphics of "myself" using those "make a whatever" programs online. I don't know if it'll work quiltwise, but this project amuses me no end. I don't know why I made a me-Furby, really. Hell, I'm even posting Barbie makeovers as "me."

In actual events, my parents came up for a visit last night to (a) drop off an emergency credit card for my use during the trip, and (b) drive me to a luggage outlet to pick out something to bring my clothes in. Because my tiny-ass duffel is NOT holding 10 days worth of clothes. It won't hold more than 2.

So they picked me and Dave up and drove us to the nearest Samsonite store, where we got quite chatty with the manager because she's from the town next to Dad's in Montana. We found some really nice things, I must say. I ended up with a green 24-inch suitcase on wheels and with a pullout handle, which is actually big enough to hold all my stuff, I hope. Though I am now having my doubts about it fitting in Hill's car, eek.

And yes... I ended up caving in and getting one of those dreaded wheelie backpacks, which I have refused to get for years. Mainly because (a) if you are not in an airport, luggage on wheels tends to look dumb, and (b) they're usually so small they wouldn't hold one of my big textbooks, thus making them useless. However, the weight of the laptop and its accompanying cords, etc. pretty much changed my mind. Having a headache and neckache for two days after lugging them around during Travel Weekend From Hell in a messenger bag wasn't good.

And the one we found was actually large and had lots of pockets and may actually hold things beyond the laptop, so I can deal.

Watching Dave and my mother shop together is very interesting...especially when they gang up on me, ahem. But the night went well, and I think the parents were impressed with him. Whee!

Dave and I have been together for a year and a half as of today.

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