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Improv 301 3.0 Week 4: Getting Out My Improv Gun

2016-08-04, 2:42 p.m.

Previous week here. Administrative note: I'm trying to get all these entries up months late and frankly, I don't remember all the details from the sketchy notes, so I'm probably leaving most of this in here without uh, any explanation.

Characters-cheats to make you look like you do dynamic characters
What makes the audience laugh or makes you perk up = the fun nugget
Break that idea down into 2 words
Play a fun character! If you have to explain pattern in more than 3-4 words, then it’s not the best pattern
If you’re thinking I should do that, do it!
“I always play my Frankenstein monster super smart, but also super clumsy.”
“Every character (classmate of mine from 2.0) comes out with are (growling noise).” Commits so hard she finds a pattern later
Work on pattern or character-strong enough will work it

Pass the character
Emotional zip, zap, zop

1. Great grounded reacting to things appropriate, makes things funnier
2. Playing emotions-contrasting emotions. Denzel’s single tear approach.
Musical has such high emotions they have to sing about it.
One guy in class doesn’t know who Denzel is. Someone said he was in Glory and, “He’s probably not the white general!” “Oh, the whipped guy!”
“A character is anyone who’s not you.”
Make specific choices on stage.
You don’t have to be some of our more versatile people here,, but don’t always just be you either.

Cheats-2 games that have you be character
Leading with body parts
Head: intellectuals
Chest: prideful, slutty
“any choice you make on stage is going to make me happy.”
Pelvis: performer, gross guy, cocky
Feet: soldiers, dreamers
“I just think you’re dumb.” -one guy said to Brian, who didn’’t seem offended.
“You just walk around like you own everything”-people on another classmate of mine.

Play things honestly-overblown characters not based in reality
“I have fire ants in my vagina.” -from ACL last weekend

Status games
High: purpose, people move out of your way, standoffish, posture. “us vs. every other country.”
Low: posture, ground, look for empty space, move out of way.
“Be someone other than yourself.”

Monologues + 1 beat scenes
Doctor Who scarf took 3 months to make, 13 feet long on subway is bad idea
“One day I didn’t wear my cup and ruptured…something.” Yelled “my balls!” have to show the hot nurse
Migraine ER, got a shot and got high, and left message for boss.

She can’t poop no more
When was the last time she stooled?
Hot dog eating contest for God
They just keep going on about pooping guy, now it’s a wedding

Rednecks fish for Pokemon

Ink poisoning freakout, he freaks when he figures out what she did last night

React the way you would in real life.

“I’m getting out my improv gun and shooting myself in the face if anyone sings “Let It Go” again.” “That just makes me want to sing it more.”


Never did the other half of the class

Mind meld

At Improv Jam that night, I was dancing crazy at a club (I am super great at comedy dancing, take that, Elaine Benes), and two cats distract a guy so I can get away. Note: showing cute guys pictures of cats at a club wards them off, apparently, or so I learned from a monologue.

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