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Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

2018-08-04, 10:34 p.m.

I had a gynecologist appointment Monday, an eye doctor appointment today and periodontist next week. FUN TIMES HERE. I went to a new eye doctor and she was a lot better than the one that wigged me out last time. I am also getting bifocals because I am oooooooold now (sigh) and apparently that is the only way I can read without glare issues and my glasses on now. Well, the test lenses she showed me worked, so I’m going with that.

On a more fun note, I went to two plays today. I went to see The Little Mermaid in my hometown because Mom had another volunteer gig, and it went really well. I’ve previously seen the Broadway version and nothing trumps those production values, but this one went really well. I liked the new information they put in, I liked how Ariel’s sisters actually have more to do in this, I liked overall how they do the changes in the plot. I also was amused that the mermaids have roller shoes when they are trying to be underwater. Probably about the one thing that doesn’t work is having a human sized guy trying to play a small crab while the French chef goes after him-awkward there. I also still think making Ursula the octopus and Triton the merman SIBLINGS is still....implausible. This would be a great plot development if not for the different species, especially since interspecies dating is such a hot topic in this plot.

Now I am thinking of what kind of a world they must have had after this plot was over (ignoring the movie sequel, which I saw once and was kind of depressing because they decided Ursula had a vengeful sister and everyone cut off the sea and Ariel’s kid just wanted to be a mermaid, dammit! Well, that last bit was fitting, anyway). Do Eric and Triton meet up and hash out an agreement to stop eating sentient sea creatures? How does their economy handle that? Does the chef quit and they have to import a chef from California to get a vegetarian chef? Does Ariel learn about the joys of tools and set up a maker workshop? I’d really like to write this up as some kind of story except I literally have no plot for it. It’s all fanfic epilogue. Sigh.

I also saw Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. I’ve seen Woodminster do this three times now and I forgot how Anachronism Stew wackadoodle it is. Like they throw in a country number, a calypso number, a French number, and Elvis as the pharaoh just for shits and giggles. Added bonus, the Elvis looked a lot like Nicolas Cage close up.

Also memorable is the Potiphar’s Wife scene, in which Joseph is either raped/seduced/just come on to/SOMETHING so he can get thrown in jail. In previous productions or least one of them, I remember that the wife somehow showed up in straight up leather bondage gear, WTF there are kids here. This production did not do that, but they did put the couple behind a wall and throw out a sheep’s head. Whoa.

Oh, and for those who remember Jeff the disabled guy proposing marriage to my mom last month, the inevitable occurred and somehow I was also brought up as a wife for Jeff. I was all, “I thought he was married to my mom,” and his mom was all, “He can have two wives.” At which point I could only say “well, we are at Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat....” For those of you wondering what I mean, the program helpfully explained the whole thing about how Joseph’s dad Jacob was forced to marry Leah before he could marry his real love, Rachel, and Leah was hella fertile and Rachel was not--Joseph being only one of two kids she had before she died.

Anyway, Jacob is unabashedly clear that Joseph is the favorite of his 12 sons and gives him the technicolor dreamcoat to prove it, which reasonably ticks the 11 other guys off. I can’t say I blame them for being mad at Joseph, who also helpfully tells him about how he had a psychic dream about how they would all bow down to him too. Dude, your dad is being a shit to the other 11 but you are not helping either. I don’t think it’s right to beat Joseph up, sell him to slavers and fake his death, mind you, but at least you have to acknowledge they had a right to be mad, if not to do that shit.

Theater gives me thoughts, y’all.

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