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Earned An Adulting Badge

2020-08-04, 10:57 p.m.

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I didn't get into major trouble today. Whee. I went through three trainings (two I'm leading, a third boiled down to "hey, go key this stuff" from Lioness). Together, she and I warned the new girl that the area designated her job is gonna be....well, we'll all be learning it together, won't we? I feel bad to drop that kind of bomb on someone, but it was gonna have to happen sometime. She took it well, all things considered. She and I agree on wanting to know EVERYTHING, so yay there.

I had a private conversation with my coworker with the service dog (I forget, did I ever nickname her with anything? It's been awhile since I brought her up here) and she was super nice to me and saying that everyone else loves me around here. She's sweet. She said she had applied for the job along with Former Coworker Sarah and also got one interview and not a second, but was told by the boss via phone, not the Zoom hell that happened to Sarah. She also said, "well, I have fifteen years experience and I guess that wasn't enough...." and she also knew a ton of our stuff. So yeah, this whole hiring thing is a goddamned mystery. The third job opened up today. I assume she will not be applying for it since fifteen years weren't good enough to get a second interview. (See what I mean about how getting hired here is usually goddamned difficult?)

However.... found out a freak thing today. To recap: months ago during one of the many job openings, back in the days when we worked in an office, we thought that Lioness had been officially transferred into the unit with Tigress and I. Then while Lioness was out on family leave (remember: 6 year old and a BRAND NEW BABY), we found out that no, she hadn't been and if she wanted to work in the unit, "she'd have to apply for it like anyone else." Which obviously she was in no way up to do with a dang baby and a six year old newly in the house. However, during Lioness's screen share, at one point her private Slack chat came up with the boss and Lioness was asking about applying for it. (Once again, speed reading comes in handy.) I was so shocked I forgot what I was supposed to be saying.

Good luck to her. I have no effing idea if Grandboss would LET her, mind you. On the one hand, she would definitely not be someone we have to worry about training from scratch, as she knew more about what I was training on in the morning than I did. On the other hand, that once again is making the team short one person, albeit on the public service side so technically not as much my problem. Oh hell, I don't know. Whatever will be, will be with that.

I had an extra Robin Hood rehearsal tonight, as I asked Brunette Sarah and Marcia to help me with the new recording I was having issues with. It is quite slow and there are some extra bars where I'm not supposed to be singing, but I picked up pretty quickly where I'm supposed to be coming back in. The last line is very slow, apparently. Then we discussed speeding it up a bit (probably more to what I rehearsed it at), something in between "slow enough to get Tuck dressed and for me to throw props around" and "not dragging." So that will get re-recorded, I think.

Sarah also wrote some lines for us to read in the dark to do the rescue scene, so she and I tried reading that out loud while Marcia played some music in between each section. Seems to work. I think Tuck's part is the funniest. I asked if under the circumstances we were going to rehearse act 2, scene 1 again---I think we need to given the changes--and well, probably. They said I was doing well, so yay there.

Quotes from Brunette Sarah: "You are our laugh track, my dear." (Otherwise known as "put yourself on mute during recording." I know, I know.)
(to Marcia) "I'm bringing you into the live recording." Marcia: "Oh dear."
"Things don't always make sense, you just have to tell the story." -this was to me being all, "oh, wait, YOU'RE getting the keys for Robin and we're doing two separate rescues?" I think I expected her to do her thing with the keys a little sooner, i.e. before Tuck gets to smacking heads.

I guess the painting is done here. When I went to get the mail, I saw that my most decorative neighbor had all her stuff back up. They painted the doors blue (not bad) but turned the trim into a blechy gray-brown. I figured I shouldn't assume they were done quite yet, but it's quiet today.

So the good news is that I finished watching all the Comic-Con videos I wanted to watch. But now there is another online conference for costumes! I admit I skipped (or at least didn't finish) all the sewing tutorials since odds are I won't be sewing for....awhile. But there's a lot of stuff.

Medieval Capsule Wardrobes: Strategically Building Your Closet: This sounds like the amount of Renfaire clothes I've gotten. This lady points out that somehow there's a bias against repeating outfits at faires--which is ridiculous given how much that stuff costs and how much time it takes! Then talks about all the pieces you should have. Hoo boy, do I not have that many undergarments.

Sewing with a Disability - making sewing more accessible. Mostly seems to be about scissors and drawing designs.

How much did 18th-century women know about their clothes? | Fast Fashion v Georgian Dress Why wouldn't they know this information, especially if they made them themselves? Seems like a giant duh to me?

THE BUSINESS OF CUSTOM: Requesting and Accepting Commissions A very useful topic! I also like her clothes, particularly the rainbow outfit on the video's left side.

To Draft or to Drape? That is the Question! Mostly just enthusiastic talk about draping, but I would have, I dunno, preferred some visuals?

1869 Working Woman Summer to Winter Get Ready with Me Featuring Denise Nicole A LOT of discussion about your drawers and holes in them so you can pee while wearing a giant skirt. She now also made me want to make a sontag.

Designing costumes for haunted attractions:
"This creature has to pee at some point, it has to eat at some point...."
"You shouldn't have 20 Darth Vaders in your movie. That's your haunted house." Avoid Velcro. Always print a coupon to bring to Joann's because somehow he can never get them to come up on the phone in the store.

Making 18th Century Pockets Someday I shall do tie-on pockets like this.

Basics Applique and applied embroidery stitches Or this.

Plus Size Historical Costume Tips - Help, I Don't Fit Any Patterns! Excellent coverage of this topic, and I love her outfit too.

How to Pad Out the Dress Form to Your Measurements. Very useful! "I give you permission to put crazy items inside that nobody will see."

Mindfulness for Makers: More in general about the topic than with specific maker theme, I must admit.

And in other news, I finally sucked it up and bought a new laptop online. I ordered a Lenovo Yoga from Best Buy, which was around the price I wanted--of course with tax, being forced to pay for Microsoft Word, it went to $1500....But hell, I haven't done much shopping in the last four months and I get paid tomorrow and I can afford it now after all that saving. They can ship it to me on Thursday, no less, and no worries about cross country anything. So, fingers crossed that this goes well and I can join the "real" Zoom world of backgrounds aplenty and not have it limit my theater career! And also have a keyboard that is working instead of having to plug one in! I hate to buy one before the old one is out of life, but I really should plan ahead (ESPECIALLY THESE DAYS). I don't want to be personal computer-free these days for even a night.

I feel like I should get an adulting badge for this.

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