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Contingency Planning

2005-08-05, 10:48 p.m.

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4 p.m.:

I STILL haven't heard whether or not Dad had a stroke yet. Joy.

Today has been a day of contingency planning. Much as I wanted to call in sick today (I got four hours of sleep), I had to come in and tell my boss what was going on. In a fabulous bit of timing, she's going on vacation next week. So today I had to fill out FMLA death-in-the-family medical leave paperwork, to be done mostly beforehand so that when The Death Call goes out, I can just sign stuff and leave. Though trying to use the fax machine so I could fax Mom the "must be signed by a doctor" note by the time she left for the hospital went all to hell because the chick who showed me how to use it neglected to tell me that one has to dial a particular number "out" BEFORE dialing the rest of the number. Grr. No offense meant to her, but uh...she should have mentioned it to me when she saw me pushing the number in the first time!

The good news is, I can use up sick leave for it, and I've got something like 3 weeks worth of that saved up. So even if I have to be out for weeks on end, I'm covered. Though to be honest, a week at the max of crying and funeral planning is probably all I can take, plus I don't want to have to make up 10 hours of time missed at the CC.

I got printouts of Amtrak's schedule, and thanks to the lovely Kimmi, I now have the numbers of cab companies in Walnut Creek, which I couldn't find online on my own for crap somehow. She also offered me a ride over if I need it, which is sweet. (PITA aunt and uncle, i.e. the people most likely to be able to pick me up at the station, are going to Montana to deal with Crazy Grandma. If Dad plays the timing just right, they can bring her down for the funeral! Let's not hope that happens.)

I made a list of people to e-mail after The Death Call goes out, and programmed various work numbers and the number of the CC into my phone so I can call to notify them of my absence.

And when I get home, I'd better start packing a bag with enough clothes for a week or two so I can run at a moment's notice. And I have to pick out something nice and non-black for the Death Thing, since I'm not allowed to wear black. Ugh. Honestly, the last thing I'm gonna feel like doing is dressing up in screaming bright "celebration!" colors on that day. I've been debating whether or not to carry such a bag with me everywhere Just In Case, but something that big would be a massive pain in the ass, so perhaps not.

I don't know if he's going to die soon, or in weeks, or in months, or what. But evidently now is the time to come up with contingency plans.

11 p.m.:


"Oh, yeah, he definitely didn't have a stroke."

In fact, she's going to go with Aunt Susie to a guide dog show tomorrow for awhile.

I think the "pack a bag" urgency is no longer much of an issue. Or at least, that dog has been called off.

I feel like I've been panicking all day for nothing.

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