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Life is Uncomfortable

2019-08-05, 9:39 p.m.


I really didn’t do shit today besides walk around, sit on a swing, go the bookstore multiple times and read and feel sad. You-know-what is getting me down with the utter Twilight Zone weirdness of it all.

“Life is uncomfortable.” --Jackie

I had to text Jackie a few days ago when she didn’t get a job and said something along the lines of “something bad happened to me too but I do not want to talk about it right now.” It turns out Jackie thought I was having bad job shit go down again and was well, relieved that wasn’t it. On the other hand, between her family’s health issues and losing out on yet another job, she had no truck with my stupid nonsense and was basically all “you’re acting like a 12 year old” and “you’re over 21, you shouldn’t be acting like this.” I can’t argue the point, but the conversation wasn’t fun.


Quote of the day, at the end of this podcast: "What doesn't kill you makes you stranger." -Lani Diane Rich. AMEN TO THIS.

I went back to Monday knitting group for the first time in weeks since I had no rehearsal and did get to find out the amusing story about how Susan, who is a fan of MAD magazine (I gave her one recently), had her husband buy her a copy of the “SEX” issue from 1964 that her mom hadn’t let her buy when she was young. That’s adorable. What a good husband.

On the other hand, I was telling people about the play and was explaining the plot and said something along the lines of “My fiance...”

“Oh, you have a FIANCE?” one chick said, getting all excited.
“Um, nooooo....” I said, “it’s a fake fiance in theater. In real life nobody at all wants me whatsoever.”


I also made a cake hat for Redhead Sarah’s birthday. I did it in about 24 hours, more or less, making a lot of it up.

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