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Funky Chicken Dance

2020-08-05, 10:38 p.m.

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Notes from the morning meeting:

Another employee on our new one: "She hasn't run away yet."
Boss: "If we didn't laugh, we'd probably be crying."

We were once again complaining about the usual problem of how The Gods Of The Giant Org literally won't talk to us and we can't get anyone else to advocate for us with them, and my boss made a comment about how they aren't client-centric. This was followed up by Lioness saying, "We're not staff-centric either!" (Hear, hear.)

So that guy who eviscerated me the other day for not giving him what he wanted? He CANCELED his thing, like a day after I put him in for it. And then today I got asked "can you put him back?" WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHY DO PEOPLE ACT LIKE THIS WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

The afternoon was pretty productive, if exhausting. I actually got to some of the dreaded emails today, albeit there are still 76 of them in there, good god. I canNOT do that box alone and I am pretty much stuck with doing it alone right now (I think Lioness isn't getting to much either due to her workload and we haven't even started with that shit with the new girl). I trained the new girl on a process that is a total pain in the ass, and indeed, the thing we have to use for it acted up but mightily during training! Ugh. By the time we finished (at the time she quits work for the day) I was all "go have a drink or eat a bunch of cookies or WHATEVER THE HELL IT IS YOU WANNA DO," and then I still had an hour of work to god while feeling exhausted. So, having wine again right now.

I also had an actually useful meeting in which the parties involved talk about what it is they do with Computer Program A, and then I talk about what I do with Computer Program B. I am still rather unnerved that the fairly big-boss-y dude who now has to run Computer Program C is still all "I don't know what's going on here and I don't understand anything" after that meeting, though. I also would like to hear what the hell it is the tech team DO with Computer Program C, so...probably gonna have another meeting. Poor new girl was lost at that meeting and boss and I are all "don't worry about it too much, this stuff will make more sense later."

I got a few texts from Tigress today, which is nice. I would have figured she was by god sick of my ass by now!

I got notified that my audition was received, if they want to call you back they will do it on Friday, and if you get a callback, you are not in the show, as they have lots of people. Of course they do.

Clearly something bad has happened at the library, as they have just closed EVERYTHING as of yesterday. They weren't publicly open (thank gawd) and just doing curbside pickups, but even that is canceled now. Until further notice. That's unnerving. Did they somehow have an outbreak with the staff? And they have of course closed down comments.

I tried eating some random stashes of nuts I had around the house. Clearly I am not into eating nuts most of the time because the two things of them I opened tasted terrible, and then I checked the expiration date on the one that had a can. So....yeah, apparently expiration dates should actually be paid attention to with nuts, even if so far everything else I ate in the house that expired has been fine.

CoCoVid videos:

How To Get Badass Photos of Your Costumes<;/a> Great outfits and tips.

Dis/Abilities in Costuming : Making, Wearing, and Sharing. A giant panel. Very good discussion of the issues that come up with creating costumes, attending cons, etc.

Combining Cosplay and Historical Costuming - where pop culture meets history Features 18th century Pokemon costumes, I shit you not. There is a Robe a la France group.... and Regency Star Wars cosplays.

Getting Started in Historical Knitting || A Guide for Absolute Beginners to Advanced Knitters I have occasionally looked at historical knitting patterns (see previous entry or so) and man, they are SO CONFUSING.... I confess this didn't enlighten me too much. Find a modernized version, I guess?

How to Pattern a Corset to Your Measurements. "You now have a tiny paper corset." This is a pretty smart plan here.

Robin Hood rehearsal:

Did Act 2, Scenes 2 and 3. 3 is a group scene in which Richard comes in and does a number and I do a snippet of a number. Scene 2 is another scene with the Sheriff and Prince John gloating, which I hung around to watch.

In other news: (a) Linda wants to start filming on Sunday, or at least testing. We will have to film Act 2 first since Robert plans on shaving his beard and head to play Tuck and is doing Richard with a beard. (b) I hate Chromebooks. They sound like a fun cheap laptop, but it seems like they don't work so great in a lot of cases? And according to Alexis, she can't do green screen on one even though she bought a green screen. (c) Linda wants to drop some stuff off for me tomorrow. I am trying not to think about this too hard right now.

"There's my Jennifer." -Linda. when I came in. D'awwwww.

On wearing costumes in hot weather: "The unfortunateness of having to wear clothes." -me "Life is sad." -Cameron

"In retrospect it seems so obvious." -Cameron on singing "Lionhearted Men" rather than "Stouthearted Men."

"It seems to be a big liability these days to not have green screen working." -me

"King Richard....Darth Vader..." Robert's in a cloak.

"Now who's got a TRAIN in the background?!" Linda

"I'm going away"- Linda "Don't leave us!" -Morgan "Giving up this life of crime." -Cameron

"I thought we were supposed to bow, be all dignified n' stuff." -me

"And you and your phone are an interloper! We wait here on a call from good King Richard!" -Cameron changes the lines a bit when someone's phone rings again.

"You know Suzanne goes for big swords." -me

Brunette Sarah sings 'Wells Fargo Wagon," which leads to some debate on in this show, is it a Wells Fargo wagon? Prince John's wagon? "PADDY WAGON!" I yell out.

"I don't remember the words right now...." Alexis blanks out on some lyrics.

Things I should point out about Alexis singing "I Just Can't Wait To Be King." (a) She has on a giant gold shirt that's bigger than her shoulders and a red wig (b) She has both a Burger King crown and a "regular" crown, which we assume is the "prince" vs "king" crown. (c) SHE IS DOING THE FUNKY CHICKEN DANCE. A lot of this.

Linda's directing: "Try to keep the funky chicken JUST to the music." "The last verse, if you wanna go crazy with the funky chicken..." "Instead of the chunky monkey...I mean the funky chicken...."

Brunette Sarah showed off her abbot costume. Daaaaaaaaaamn, that's a big hat. Linda noticed the prayer shawl.

"We're all in this Zoom world and I think there's a lot of suspension of disbelief." -Brunette Sarah. True dat.

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