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The Wedding

2012-08-07, 8:56 p.m.

On day two, the wedding wasn't until 4:30 p.m. While I'm sure Anna was ah...not having a relaxing morning...especially since it was freakishly raining in August and it was an outdoor wedding... it was chiller for us. We went to the Madonna Inn and had a lot of fun sightseeing there. (Photo album here.) That place is AMAZING. We went to their coffee shop and had the best Monte Cristo sandwiches that I've been able to find anywhere short of the Blue Bayou at Disneyland. The decor is crazy--lots of pink, lots of random rocks. Alas, I wasn't here with a fellow so I could sneak in and check out the waterfall urinal (got a postcard of it, though), but I did see the "little girl's toilet" in one ladies' room. You can't go wander through the rooms, but they do provide postcards of a lot of them, and I bought a bunch. Along with two shirts. And a cheesy moveable pen. They give you pink receipts to go with your pink bags. Heh.

After that, we hit a few stores. Went to the Ross, where Mom kept trying to make me buy some other dress to wear to the wedding because she apparently doesn't like the one I brought (sheesh, no). I ended up getting the dress, but not wearing it that day. I also spent a lot of time in the craft store next door, where I found some gorgeous Mardi Gras mask fabric...and then proceeded to have a terrible time trying to find a pattern that accommodated cotton fabric. If I buy fabric at random with no goal for it, I usually end up never doing anything with it, so I swore I wouldn't buy fabric without a pattern at the same time. However, the store kept their pattern access to employees only, and the only 2 pattern books I could find didn't say what fabric any dress required. So I kept having to ask for each individual pattern--then I'd look at it, find out it didn't accommodate, and force them to put it back. This got so effing tedious that I debated not buying the fabric altogether....then decided it was too cool to pass up. I bought 3 yards and hoped for the best. (Then when I got home, I found like five patterns online that would work. Sheesh. Future shopping trip for that coming soon.)

Then we went back to the motel, where I put on the dress I wanted--turned out it worked with the wedding colors, so score there. It was an excellent choice for a 70 degree wedding---and the rain even stopped a few hours beforehand. Whew.

As for Anna's wedding, I was expecting it to be more redneck since she looooooves cowboy stuff. Well, there were no cowboy hats to be seen (awww!), though the bride wore cowboy boots and they played country music before the ceremony, and finished up the ceremony with playing "Highway to Hell." Bwahahahah. The groom kept making comments throughout the ceremony, such as "What do I say?" when they got to the "I do's." And "That's too long!" when he was supposed to do the repeat-after-me bits. His brother was doing hand gestures during the talk about what the rings symbolize. I wish I'd had a recorder app that works, 'cause I don't think I've ever snickered through a ceremony IRL so hard. Oh yeah, and the vows included phrases likes "gettin' hitched" and "a darn good life together." Said by the officiant, who had an English accent. Oh yeah, and the souvenir gift were purple bottle openers with "What's Done Is Done" written on them. And the B&G were seen almost constantly wandering around with beer bottles after the photos were done. It was amusing. I am kinda disappointed that I never quite met the groom because he sounds entertaining, but I know better than to expect to talk to the bride and groom at a wedding unless I'm related to them and drafted into bow-tying duty or something. Oh well, maybe later, someday.

So yeah, I enjoyed it. I hung out with Sarah, Anna's longest friend (to my knowledge). I've known her off and on throughout the years--most of the time she was attending other schools than Anna and I were, but I have enjoyed hanging out with her when she's been around. She even lived in my town for awhile, though now she's moved to Woodland for work. We had a great time chatting, and occasionally commenting on the joys of the single life. (Seriously, why is there always some older woman at a wedding going "you're next!" at me? Come on, universe, we all know that ain't happening, and it leads to really awkward conversations about how I only get asked out by the elderly and as long as I can't stomach that, "next" isn't happening.)

Sarah and I decided to try to get together in the future, when we are both in the area at the same time (she was on vacation in this neck of the woods for a week already). I look forward to that. Hell, I've got a license now, I can even go to her town alone....

Day three: Not much to say about day three, really. We got out of the motel around 10-ish, then went to Splash Cafe. Way back in the day, Dave (my ex from the last decade, if you recall those days) used to live in this neck of the woods and always raved about that place. I saw an ad for it being in SLO and was all, "I wanna go!" Mom went there by herself on Saturday night and took me there Sunday morning. The chowder was absolutely buttery smooth and delicious. I wish I'd ordered more of it. We ordered frozen chowder to go home with...then needed to go to a Target for another cooler, since the one we brought was filled with fruit and other foods. And we needed gas. And sadly, there was a Costco nearby all of those places, so...we didn't leave till about 1:20. But since Mom insisted that we skip a return trip to Casa de Fruta (darn it), we got home a lot faster, even with a half hour traffic slowdown. And yet, she still didn't leave my house until after 9 p.m. like usual because it took like an hour to unpack the food. Hmmmmm.

She did apologize to me on the way home for her driving freakout, saying that she's a perfectionist and well...yeah, she doesn't handle someone else with her car well, that's clear. I continue to keep coming to the conclusion that I cannot drive with her, but unfortunately, that isn't something I can 100% avoid for the rest of my life either. Unless she has a whopping case of laryngitis or severe injury or duct tape on her mouth, she'll continue to freak if she sees me drive. Sigh. Well, what can you do. Crazy be crazy, and all that. I really should find a decent recorder app (maybe put it on the Android rather than the iGadget, which doesn't work great even with a mike attached) to prove that she does go nutterpants, since she doesn't seem to believe me in the moment that her reaction goes beyond the reasonable.

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