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Practice Audition

2018-08-09, 10:36 p.m.

This week’s update:

Monday: started teaching mosaic class again, that is going well. I have one yarn friend in there and there are two best friends in the class that are hilarious.

I also had a lady come up to me and say I looked like someone she knew, who was also named Jennifer. As was one of the best friends in my class. I am amused.

Tuesday: I switched CC shifts, or more like had them shifted upon me. Oh, whatever, new manager is also entertaining and the folks were fun.

Wednesday: I got my laptop fixed and my cell phone fixed. The laptop keyboard was going out (writing on this thing was fun--I could work around the P key not working but not when the entire top row was going out) and my cell phone had developed “loose port” and I could not get the charger cord to stay inside it very well. Basically, if air touched the thing, it would fall out. I read online that this was because you might have lint in there and it needs cleaning, which I tried with a toothpick, tiny wire, etc. but that didn’t help. I went to a cell phone repair store and he said “oh, it just needed cleaning, we have tiny tools for that,” so it only cost $35 ratther than $75-100 for a new port. HUZZAH NOW I CAN USE MY PHONE WITHOUT FEAR AGAIN.
By which I mean, I was afraid to go driving long distances and need GPS without any way to charge the thing. WHEW.
I also dropped off two sweaters at the county fair.

In general: work has been crazy and draining me dry. I have two huge urgent DO RIGHT NOOOOOWWWWW deadlines going on right now, one of them due to other people’s fuckups but we are still being held to their deadlines anyway. I am passing whatever I can to my assistant but that’s still a ton of shit.

One of these huge deadlines (due by the 15th) is forcing all of my coworkers to work together and occasionally have to deal with me, so they are being nicer than usual. Go figure. Will kind of enjoy it while it lasts there.

And of course, I am still getting pestered with questions and demands and panicking clients and that is the most draining thing of all. Too many calls. I swear every single person who comes to me for help is what drains me dry more than the giant projects. As for today (Thursday), we found out there was Yet Another Major Problem that had to loop in all the big guns, so that was most of the day, combined with tons of interruptions and other drama. I am fucking drained dry and told my boss I want to be out for two weeks after all this is over, not just one. I can’t not be here until the end of the month but after that I WANT OUUUUUUUUUUUT.

As for tonight, I went to an audition! I’m not getting in, but that’s okay. There’s a small theater in a small town near me that I wanted to audition at a few months ago and then my car died (waaaaaaaah). I wasn’t as into the subject matter of this one, as they are doing “War of the Worlds” the radio play. Well, I like the idea of it, but if you read it, it is all dudes. Very manly man deep voiced dudes. Not a lady voice in the entire thing. So I didn’t exactly think I’d be right for a part, but what the heck, I could get some practice in.

They were having two nights of auditions and I went to the second one, which had four ladies and three dudes or so (I guess the other night had more) and she had us reading from the script and she would switch who was doing what periodically. I read mostly Professor Pear (Pier?)son and the general guy who is all “eh, these aliens aren’t doing anything, nothing to worry about...” har har.

Here’s the thing that slightly bothers me: I think I could have gotten in under the circumstances of not that many people and only some of them seemed to have actor-y voices (though one guy seemed to really have a hard time reading aloud and kept choking on and mispronouncing words, I somehow think he’ll end up with a big part because he has a big ol’ dude resonant voice that fits this show). However, she handed out the rehearsal schedule and I’m going to be on vacation in the middle of that. Never mind. Oh well, they let me do the audition anyway just for practice.

I don’t know how the heck I’ll ever do a theater show, at least not without some more advance notice to clear my schedules. This one was running end of August through start of October, which normally might not have been much of an issue for me except for having vacation (AND I REALLY DAMN NEED A VACATION).

I dunno. Maybe later, they’ll have a show I’m more suited to anyway. But I got some practice in at least.

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