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Clatter Clatter Clatter

2020-08-09, 4:10 p.m.

Another do-nothing morning. Lazed around until 11:30. I kept reading Susannah Nix books. Walked for 90 minutes. Played "Cat Condo." Listened to the "Musical 'Splaining" podcast.

I eventually got around to setting up my new laptop; which went smoothly because it is using a lot of the same settings as the other one that's on right now. It's smaller (which I guessed...might have been fun if I was going to go anywhere again), lightweight, silver and pretty. I installed things, including Zoom. I have working backgrounds!!!! Huzzah!!!! Now I won't have that problem any more with the online theater world! .... I may still bounce back and forth between machines, though, since I have the option now. Leave the big one up for watching things and the little one to carry around the house.

I got the Lego (Bricks) Baby Yoda and Mandalorian in the mail and built Baby Yoda tonight. So there's something that got done.

I also talked to Mom for a while, attempting to show her stuff on FaceTime. She asked where I'd want to go after this, like Carmel? I'm just like, oh, ANYWHERE, if we can ever go anywhere again. I did say Hawaii and she was all "then we'd have to deal with a plane," and well, yeah, who knows if planes will ever be viable to do anything safely on again on a regular basis... sigh.

Today's CoCoVid: Costumes For Stage & Screen, Working In Wardrobe.

Robin Hood rehearsal: all of Act 2, with Linda recording off and on. I don't think any of that is going to be all that usable as a final product, though, Especially with all the "We need to have Marcia re-record all of the songs to be more uptempo and less bits in between where people are not singing, because it drags on" requests. Seriously, my issue all the time is that her pace is too slow and there's all these extra bits in all the songs! So....doing the same thing tomorrow night.

Also we are supposed to play our songs directly out of Google Drive and my Google Drive doesn't enjoy doing this and freezes up half the time. So irritating. Linda said I needed to be more animated and I said "yeah, instead of glaring at the computer while it waits to load." Still behaves like that even on a new computer.

Cameron got a green screen and her background is still iffy enough that she got told to turn it off.
"Cameron's still see-through." -Brunette Sarah.
"It's my lot in life. I've always wanted to be a ghost." -Cameron

Linda wants Tuck to be eating when the subject of him playing a lady is brought up. He wants to drink instead.
"Oooh, if you could do a spittake, that would be great." -me
"Not in my bedroom, I won't." -Robert

"That's where he gives in to his femininity." -Linda on Robert playing with a fan.

Robert is literally saying "clatter clatter clatter" where he is supposed to be doing dish breaking sound effects.

I should probably clarify here that (a) Robert is playing both Friar Tuck and Richard, (b) when Richard finally shows up, he is dressed as a friar, and spells it out in the song that he is dressed as a friar. I have been thinking, and Jason just said it aloud tonight, isn't it basically in the text that Richard has been playing Friar Tuck all along? I totally agree. Alas, Linda was all, "That never even occurred to me."

I still do not get why the ladies in charge want me to sing "The King is back" (to "My Boyfriend's Back,") except I'm only doing four lines of it, and for some reason I do not comprehend, I'm supposed to not say those words in the second line, but say them in the fourth. I keep hoping someone will come to their senses and realize that's just WEIRD, but so far, no dice. I'm trying not to be a pain in the ass and object,'s just WEIRD.

Bridget went full costume tonight and has an evil schmuckstashe. Holy shit. Really reminds me of Jafar. I still think it's weird that they are so obsessed with having the villains doing the chicken dance. Even with a background up on a green screen, Alexis's was being slow, so her dancing got taken away. Bridget's is a newer computer so she's still chicken dancing. (They did this at the end and I still hung around to watch. "You just wanna hang out and laugh," Bridget said. Right!)

Also, Bridget was complimented on stuffing her shirt and she had to say, "That's all me. That's my Covid tummy right there."

Linda picked out one of the potential abbey backgrounds to use for the final scene and it looks like we all have dragon wings behind our heads.
"I don't know if I want this now," Linda said.
"I think the geeks will love it because we all look like we have dragon wings coming out of our heads." -me.

Alexis has an amusingly sketchy hand written Magna Carta.

And a final note of bad: "I just got word from Mark" (technical advisor) "that his sister has happens."

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