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Acting With Zoom Backgrounds On

2020-08-10, 4:14 p.m.

Work: spent the day doing emails. Passed on sending proof letters to the new girl. Goddamn do I not want to be "point person" for the special crap that the new girl is supposed to be taking over. (We're not even trying to train her on most of that shit yet, it's so hard.) Meanwhile people in the special crap want to know when they are going to get their help and I am all I CAN'T I AM SO DROWNED I AM DEAD AT THE BOTTOM OF THE OCEAN LEAVE ME ALONE YOU CAN'T ASK A DEAD GIRL TO HELP YOU WITH THIS.
That's all I feel like saying about work.

Today's CoCoVid: Getting Started in Re-enactment:

"There's only so many tips you can get from weirdos like me on the Internet before you actually have to go out there, find a Facebook group...." Also, re-enactment is the second largest UK hobby group after fishing. "That's right, fishing. Rods. (smirks) I KNOW." He talks about HEMA--martial arts reenactment groups, but "They're not so much re-creating the past as figuring out how people in the past killed each other. Which is interesting in itself." "If that's what you want to do with your weekends, go hit people. Sounds like fun. Invite me next time." I like this dude. Also, nobody can do full on reenactment fighting because no one can kill each other. "You're not a Viking, Trevor, okay? You have a kid. You have to go to the office on Monday."

CORSETS 101: GETTING STARTED. This is a good basic video to watch on the topic.

Upside-down T means what?! Decoding 19thC knitting & crochet patterns.

knitting idiot-proof Victorian lace edging

From Piano Lessons to Vintage Crochet - Learning new skills in 15-minute sprints

Mom called while Roger was picking up dinner (fried chicken...I wish.... I'd ordered some from Safeway, but....). She said that he'd finished buying stuff but, "He just cannot not talk to somebody." "That sounds like the both of you," I said.

Robin Hood rehearsal: did the end of the show again (we have to film the Richard scenes while Robert has hair for them...he wants to be bald for Friar Tuck), the last few scenes and the bow, and then skipped to my one scene as the lady in waiting that's in one scene. Fairly busy night. Marcia redid my songs again and I had to rehearse "The King Is Back" (minus one "the king is back" in the song) on the spot there. Now it just ... skips ahead? I AM SO CONFUSED ON ACCOMPANIMENT. I DON'T UNDERSTAND. I MISS KARAOKE TRACKS. (Note: Elizabeth suggested using one for "Rockin' Robin" and THE HORROR!)

Also a bit irritating: I reallllllly wish Morgan would keep her glasses on because she apparently can't see without them and keeps having issues with the lines--they aren't all that memorized, I think. (Also, she keeps calling Madeline "Marguerite.") Either memorize it or wear the dang glasses! It's okay to have them on! Hell, Jason's wearing his!

Linda had filming on for most of the night, which led to a lot of stuff that should go into a blooper reel. I feel like Mark is gonna have to do a lot of editing...

Sometime I need to write a piece on Issues With Acting With Zoom Backgrounds On. Things that cause issues: (a) Wearing something shiny, sometimes. (b) Crowns (c) Props that are being waved outside of the person's body (d) Cloaks and scarves that move, sometimes. (e) Moving very much There's also shadow issues with the green screen behind people.Or just body parts disappearing. At this point I think almost everyone who is using a literal green screen (Cameron, Alexis, Robert, Elizabeth, but so far Jason was immune?) and then turning on the Zoom backgrounds has been told to turn them off. $1500 for a laptop WORTH IT!

"Did you just call me a ding-dong?" -Brunette Sarah to Linda

"It almost looks like a long gag reel." -Elizabeth on editing together the archery contest scene. Which she HAS inserted an arrow-into-an-arrow shot from, I'm told. SIGH. *headdesks*
Cameron on filming that: "I can't release the arrow, I'd kill my neighbor's cat."

On being late to get into Zoom: "Can't blame the traffic." -Sarah
Linda is about to text Alexis and then Alexis enters the chat: "Thank you for ruining my text."

After Sarah told everyone to take their watches off. "We want to be as authentic as possible, right?" -Linda. Everyone made sarcastic laughs.

Jason has been printing a 3-D ring for his dad to wear as Richard. "It's been 3-D printing this whole time."

Robert had to get rid of his chain mail because it kept making him disappear. "Something about reflective surfaces messes up the software, I think."
Linda started singing "His hat is gone," to the tune of "My Boyfriend's Back."

Alexis's dad started walking back and forth behind her during one of her scenes, which led to us calling for an outtake video. "We're gonna have a great blooper reel at the end." -Robert
Robert couldn't get himself off screen in time for Robin and Marian's duet and looked annoyed. "For the blooper reel!"

"Bridget, I'm laughing terrible because your mustache is crooked and I can't decide whether or not to tell you to fix it!" -Linda, eventually voting for "fix it."

"We're a class act here." -Linda

"I know you prepared a really lovely Magna Carta." -Sarah to Alexis.

Linda realized she's been recording during rehearsal talk. "For the blooper reel!" we said. And also, better to have it on when you didn't intend it to than the other way around!

Elizabeth is dramatically chucking a diamond ring off her finger during "You Don't Own Me." I hope she didn't lose that.

"You just eat up the screen, all of you do." -Linda

After Alexis was told to take off her giant gold shirt to see if that fixed background issues, she was wearing a black T-shirt and a lot of blingy necklaces. "Now I'm feeling the Mardi Gras," I said, along with "Very macho in that black T-shirt." It's like you're trying to be the leader of the pack."

"We're teenage girls, we always talk about each other." -Sarah to me.

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