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Improv 301 3.0 Week 5: Sending Us Off To Band Camp To Die

2016-08-11, 2:45 p.m.

Previous week here. Administrative note: I'm trying to get all these entries up months late and frankly, I don't remember all the details from the sketchy notes, so I'm leaving most of this in here without uh, any explanation.

The first odd thing is going to be the pattern. Attack whatever thing is unusual first if the pattern is unclear

Bam a lam rhyming song warmup
Stage environment where if the scene will help you get hits on the pattern.
Be specific as to where
See where you are

Room description game
Cemetery, tattoo parlor, castle

You can’t think of everything all the time. Pick one to work on.
Make bold choices.

Full Harold 1
Monologue 1: fence creeper
Monologue 2: watching exorcist
Monologue 3: brought my dachshund as guard dog in the bathroom after I got freaked by scary movie

First beat: clown fear and psychiatry, I walked on as smiling creepy clown at one point. Acid m&m’s mentioned. Don’t cure someone of their pattern (don’t cure him of clown fear) needed new thing to come back to.
Second beat: (I kinda initiated?) walking through scary areas by creepy dudes-street, woods, clown college. I kept running away and then circling back in same situation. He loved the recurring creep. Once you find a thing, everyone wants to see it again. We fucking nailed the second one, he said.
Third beat: weird girls dating. 7 minutes in horror film in hell. 2nd beat, bates motel. I do a creepy mom voice briefly. 3rd beat, adopt a changeling.

Group 1: I initiate, tiny guard dogs. Stay standing up on stage. “little shitty dogs.” Nobody else came out.
Group 2: acid M&M’s from first beat scene, I initiated, randomly became a jaguar. People liked the jaguar. Still need to work on demonstrating pattern. Don’t try to do a blend.

Harold group 2
Monologue 1: dad plays harmonica while driving, and other instruments
Monologue 2: football player getting cheered for by band. I got my ear bit off at band camp…
Monologue 3: table tennis camp in India

First beat: bad driving. Dad drives backwards, with knees, elbows. Does dance moves off ballroom dance class. Planking. Robot.
Second beat: band camp flashbacks at concert. “sending us off to bandcamp to die” on second. Like nam. Gorillas.
Third: band camp homeless vets.

Third beat: “I wanna learn that algorithmic shit, bro.” Bro math club. Chugging beer bomb.
Bro glee club. “We’re gonna get all the bitches tonight.”
Bro chess.

Group 1: wrestlemania band camp
Group 2: yoga camp. Being interrupted by band camp noises. “I shall try another pose to fend them off.”

Commit to a scene if it’s a little wobbly. “the full gorilla.”

He had a fun time watching both shows tonight. Seven things working really well for every one thing that could use work. Committed to chaos.

At Improv Jam: first I was working in a meth lab, then I was playing secretary to a ghost auditor because politicians come from the insane asylum.

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