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As You Like It Cast Party

2019-08-11, 10:07 p.m.

Today was the As You Like It cast party, preceded by striking the set (which did not take that long because Jeff showed early and had it mostly done by the time the rest of it showed) and then waiting around for an hour because nobody had a key to the community center to remove the costumes. Eventually everyone pretty much gave up, bugged off and went to the party at 5 by the time someone got the key... Even I ran off with Jim at some point to check out the local market and have him pick up salad.

I did enjoy hearing stories of how Germaine got together with her husband Howard. “I was on a blind date. He wasn’t my date.” She’d been fixed up with some drunkass jerk military dude with a ridiculous name and someone fished Howard up to go rescue her from the jerk. Later she told stories about dealing with the military police and having them give her better directions rather than waving their hands around with no explanation, and then they’d do the same when Howard showed up in the same car.

Anyway, the party was fun. I hung out in one corner getting happily drunk on sangria for the first hour and then sobering up from the sangria for the last two. I hung out with Jim a lot until he left, basically. We have agreed to try to get together for lunch when we’re in the same location sometime :) At some point Scott texted me to say when he was arriving, which I thought was on the group text. I read it, thought, “okay,” checked the time, and then was all, “hey, where did (Blonde) Sarah and Shelly go? They went to Starbucks like an hour and a half ago.” So I proceeded to send a text asking if they’d fallen into a Starbucks black hole or something, and then he was all, “This is Scott, lol.” Oh, that was private? Whoops. I blame this on being fifteen minutes drunk.

Some folks have been asking us all if we’re going to audition for the next play, The Viewing Room. I have been saying no to this because I looked at the list and there’s only seven people in it (three women roles) and god knows I don’t get into ANYTHING if they’re picky, in my experience. This is why it’s worked out so well here, they have large casts and take about everyone! I think everyone around here loves me but if they have choices and a limited number of people, it wouldn’t be me, right? So I have been planning: no play for awhile, sigh and sadness there, okay, fine, that’s life.

Well. Turns out Jim was in it previously and he said “oh, there’s a hippie female character that reads tarot cards in it.” And I was all, FUCKING SOLD I AM GONNA AUDITION NOW Y’ALL to this. One older lady and two younger ones, I guess the other one is more straitlaced. (Though looking on the cast list, I only see two women so am confused on this bit. Did the other one not turn in a bio or something?)

So we established that Scott and Cameron and I are at least auditioning, and Jim most likely will, or at least he was asked if he’d do it again and he might after all. Cameron will go on Tuesday and since we may be up for same part/age/whatever, I think I’ll go Wednesday (also because Tuesday is karaoke night). We’ll see. It’d be nice if we all got in the same show again but that might be hard to do, and also hell, I’d soooooo pick Cameron over me or anyone! But would she play hippie like me? Uh, not so much :p So I guess we’ll see in a few weeks.

It’d be nice if we all got into the same show together (again), and well, awkward if some get in and some don’t. Sigh. I dunno. I guess we just take it as it comes in a few weeks and what’s meant to be will be. I keep thinking auditions are this week but it’s next week, darn it. I hate the time between plays (she says after being in a whopping two with ONE play break in her entire life....hi, I’m a hypocrite?).

Quotes from the party:

“I used to introduce Larry as ‘the best bottom I had ever seen.’” -Germaine
“And I was the crazy lady in the corner yelling amen! I didn’t have to learn any lines.” -Germaine
“I would feed you, but they’re all watching me.” -Germaine to Sydney the dog.
Jim and I talked about “dangerous good” wine slushies at the fair.
“Rosalind was played by a man and Orlando was played by a woman. What were they trying to prove?” -Germaine on some other production.
“It’s a good thing I didn’t say fuck! I was being sedate.” (by saying damn instead) --Laure
At one point Germaine and Laure and I sang “Those Were The Days” (one of the few imitations I can do).
“Cody is the trash.” -I have no recollection of why or who said, but what the heck.
“Experimental wine tasting is all bad.” -Chris
“Someone tells me that” (while retired) “all you do is drink beer and shave your beard.” -Chris
“Well, usually people are in caves for 6-7 years.” -Laure
“This is the duke’s tree.” -Chris. “A royal elm.” -Laure
“How long would Jaques last in a cave?” -Laure
“Laurel would have chemistry with a tree.” -me. “Even with me!” -Chris
“She likes you, Jim. She has reason.” -Germaine (I think this was about the dog again).
Chris asked if I was (fake) biting Touchstone when he puts his hand over my mouth and I was all, yes!
I have down “Touchstone is pussypants.”
“He wants to be you, he wants your motley.” -me to Jim about Jaques
Talking about the BFG and farting: “Okay, giants, I don’t understand you.” -me on giant logic
At one point Laure told me about a small child “boysplaining” to her.
Me on the show: “We will be quoting from this for the rest of our lives.” Lord knows “sell where you can, you are not for all markets” will be burned into my brain, along with jokes about oysters and goats. My use of the word “goats” as a euphemism for my boobs may be burned into everyone’s brain now, see below.
Someone suggested that the line about “I do desire we be better strangers” should go on a tote bag (to match the “all the world’s a stage” totes that Elizabeth and Cameron have).
Phil referred to being bitten by a lion as a “college excuse.”
“You’re asleep under a bush somewhere.” -Cameron, probably to Cody, who literally did this today while we waited around for the key.
“Women buy property on their first day in and men live in caves.” -Cameron. Also, the shepherds are the only ones doing any work around there.
Cameron on her brother being a crazy magnet: “We like this one.” (his current girlfriend) “She didn’t try to pull a knife on him.” And the knife did NOT end the relationship.
At some point I saw Brian, (Blonde) Sarah and Cody feeling up each other’s earlobes. Why?
Lots of stories were told about dogs and/or dogs eating things, Scott’s dog eating the birthday cake, Sydney the dog eating a plate of butter at Thanksgiving, and a corgi named Bullet somehow making it onto a table.
At some point someone asked what Jim and I were talking about at the end of the play by ourselves in the corner, and I said I was saying stuff like “what means this ‘converted?’ and he would say back, “I’ll tell you when the goats have gone to bed.” (Also, every time the duke said “I declare,” we’d be having a thumb war.) Then it was pointed out that given the context of how I use the word “goats...” Then Jeff was all, “Why did you have to discuss goats in any context?” and I was all, “Dear Jeff, sorry for traumatizing you, love Jennifer.”
At the end of the night, Sarah told me that on the audition form she’d specifically written down that she did not want to do Audrey (this in retrospect explains a lot about the casting....) because she didn’t want to do “another bimbo,” so she thanked me for doing it!

Talked to Scott briefly outside--we were last to leave an event again--but mostly about carpool and cameras.

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