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Caught in the Zoom Traffic Jam

2020-08-11, 4:22 p.m.

Another work day. My boss goes on vacation for four days and I am Very Nervous about needing any kind of help (which is fucking daily) while she's gone. Which means I will have to contact Grandboss, who at this point, well, I think I'm her Bitch Eating Crackers. I am terrified to speak to her and I already have been told to schedule a meeting with her this week. Waaaaaaaaaah. Living in fear, baby! I also had some meeting in which I pretty much didn't know what was going on and the new girl kept messaging me because she was confused too. I was all, "I barely know how to run the system, I barely started using it, I sure as heck don't know how to tell them how to improve it." As I was saying to my boss, I have to know what looks right and what looks wrong in order to have any idea. On a related note, Lioness scheduled a bug fixing meeting this morning and the new girl and I were completely confused about that too.

Enough about work.

They sent out an excessive heat notification today and I was all, what do I care? I keep the lights off in my apartment pretty much all day unless I have to go into the bedroom/bathroom, but I swear, when I have to start turning on lights in the kitchen at night? That is when it starts to get warm around here.

Robin Hood rehearsal: filming the end, then the beginning so Robert can shave off his Richard beard and go bald for Tuck.

Elizabeth edited together a video of the tournament, mostly shots of various dudes attempting to shoot arrows badly with rudimentary bows and arrows in their backyard. I absolutely lost it at the guy (Jason, I think, hiding his face for the shot) who just gave up and THREW his arrow. I show up in one reaction shot and I get one voiceover in it. And alas, Elizabeth stole some video from somewhere of the arrow into the arrow. Darn it.

I was busy doing "The King Is Back" yesterday and didn't get around to listening to the new speeded up Tuck song. On the good news side, it's fast now and I like it! On the bad side, it's now a minute 13 seconds long and with my singing still like, cuts off 2 verses?! I asked Brunette Sarah if we were cutting the last few verses now and .... I'm not even sure what the hell the explanation was? I'm not even sure they realize how short it is? SIGH. I had to schedule another "we're gonna have to rehearse this AGAIN" for tomorrow. I swear, every damn time, they do something different, I just don't get what rhythm they want... At least Jason was having problems tonight too, so I didn't feel so alone in that. Even Cameron stumbled a bit here and there.

Other actions tonight:
Cameron does an excellent job of fighting, being beaten and tied up while all alone.
Apparently Morgan and I live by each other because we could all hear the train going by while filming for a while, and then I could hear it at my house.
Linda dropped by some little fake horses and wanted me to hold them up during "Leader of the Pack" every time a horse neighs (as opposed to a motorcycle revving). This came me?
Sarah let me pick if I wanted to be named "Bonnie" or "Clover" as a forest person and I picked Clover. Now she thinks she is Clover. *facepalm* Do I want to bring this up? Is there a point when those characters have no lines and names won't even be seen on screen (apparently Zoom doesn't save your screen name if you save it to your own computer, fun fact today I had no clue about)?


Alexis is "once again caught in the Zoom traffic jam."
As Sarah changes costume: "cup of coffee and a wardrobe change." "

'I just have allergies right now. Not good timing." -Cameron

Sarah wants to whip out her pope hat for the bow: ' "I'm sorry, I forgot my pope hat."
"That's something you don't hear every day." -Cameron

On how Alan doesn't actually play his instrument; "It would be nice if you could strum. Or pretend to." -Linda
"It's just weird that I'm using a mandolin to play the piano. If I was strumming, it'd look even weirder." -Jason, absolutely right.

"Alexis! You have family members traveling behind you! Let them know they're not part of this movie!" -Linda (seriously, her dad keeps doing it....)
"WE NEED YOU ALEXIS!!!!!" -every time Alexis went off to wrestle the printer or something.

"What, this wig isn't enough?" -Cameron on being told to leave her mask on until busted.

John and I need to do some scheming." "That's what you're good at." -Bridget and Linda

"Whichever one I pick, I do the wrong one." -Jason on being asked to sing a line low or high. If Jason was a chattier dude (I swear he's said more in this show than like, at all in As You Like It) I'd want to hit him up on chat to discuss mutual musical difficulties.

"Wrong John, that's the one with the stick." -me as Little John shows up for the Prince John line in the prologue.l

Linda to Robert: "Go shave."
Me: "Bye bye, Mr. Hairball." (Not that he is one.)

"Do we still want us to stand? Because now I have a fire alarm." -Cameron on stick fighting.
"You want us to sit through all the stick fighting?" -Cameron
(something falls over) "It still works!" -Morgan

I forgot this was Morgan's first time doing the opening Little John stick fighting scene. "How many moves are we doing?" "Some? That's the technical term, Morgan." -Morgan and Cameron
"I have some skill with the staff....I have forgotten my line." -Morgan.

Morgan was doing the Egyptian dance and turning around....revealing a pink ponytail holder. "The pink ponytail doesn't work." -Linda

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