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2004-08-12, 9:25 p.m.

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I haven't had much to say lately. Been going to dance class, making iPod holders, trying to catch up on my online stuff. I ended up postponing my dental surgery till the 8th or so because the current timing of it was getting worse and worse. So I will be going to a rock climbing party tomorrow, and partying with Heather the rest of the weekend because her boyfriend's gone and so are most of her friends. Oh, and watching a lot of Farscape.

There is, however, some news: Jasmine's pregnant. The inevitable has occurred!

We don't really know when- sometime in July is the guess, because the Cowboy has accidentally left her out overnight a few times. And here we thought she'd just gone out of heat, but Heather was petting her and found belly, not to mention much nipplage.

I'm kind of "yay kittens" even though I know I shouldn't be. The interesting thing will be to see if Heather ever gets her fixed after pregnancy, not to mention getting the kittens fixed.

Anyway...I did another random thoughts entry, just for something to do. It's totally Kingdom of Loathing obsessed, because yes, I of all non-gamey people, have taken up a game.

I should mention that this game is (a) pretty bare bones, and (b) really funny. Plus you and your friends can get together and form clans to get stuff, which is really useful. Plus it limits your time so you can't play it all day long- when you run out of your daily allotment of adventures/turns and what you can extend, you're done for the day. This is a pretty good feature to me after dating game-obsessed people all these years.

If you don't play the game, the rest of this will make no sense, though I shall try to translate. But I do recommend trying it out, even if you're not a gamer, because it's not that hard to do pretty well at it. The game for gamers and non-gamers, I guess.

Anyway, today's previously recorded ramblings, from 9:42-10:42 a.m.:

9:42: Kingdom of Loathing is starting to depress me. I've been working really hard in the 8-Bit Realm to get pixels to make a pixel wardrobe (not to mention raiding the clan stashes of pixels to the point where I have very little Clan Karma left). I finally had enough via the clan stash to make a pixel hat...and it's got even lower points than my Disco Fro Pick. Adding to the fun, Nickonomicon gave me a diamond-studded cane (Disco Bandit moxie-giver), and that's the same amount of points as a Pixel Sword, which I was wanting for its 60 points. Now the only thing the 8-Bit Realm can offer me that's higher than what I currently have is the Pixel Pants. And considering I get no meat or food in that realm when I fight there, I'm wondering, what's the point? Should I just give up and get rid of my remaining pixels and hat?

And why doesn't my Clockwork Maid WORK, dammit?

And why did I go into the "Fun" house? This isn't giving me shit, and I'm fighting crap in a box. Now I have a disease. WTF?

9:48: I'm HUNGRY. I want chips or something. I want the pita sandwich (which is ALREADY falling apart) that I made for lunch. I want something crunchy. And it's way too early for even a campus restaurant to be open yet.

10:10: Oh, I forgot to update this- more KoL. Realized that I am desperately out of meat and stuff to donate to the clan and decided to go get the stuff for a few familiars. I now have goat cheese and some more meat and am now looking for a ghuol egg (now I'm sorry I ate the only one I had before) and Spooky-Gro fertilizer (which I am also sorry I donated to the clan). Gah. Not a good player day like yesterday, apparently.

Sometimes I'm all, "I don't want to fight THAT monster! He doesn't have what I want and I don't want to waste points and adventures on THAT! Waaah!"

I HAD wanted to get entire outfits for tattoos (if you get an entire outfit, you can get a matching tattoo for some reason)), but apparently they do nothing and are a waste of time. Bleah. What a disappointment.

10:05: Kind of amazing I don't even care about leveling up any more (and I have a lot of moxie by now).

10:07: Not getting an egg here. Nothing much beyond Cheek and Smarm and Roguishness (the stats that up my level of Moxie, and thus my level in the game.). Whee.

I miss my spam filter working at work. Now my Eudora chokes downloading even one piece of e-mail half the time and when it doesn't choke it takes 20 minutes.

Jesus! I just fought a ghuol and he didn't give me an egg!

10:10: I know I said I wanted meat, but you can throw in other things too, dammit!

10:11: So glad my coworker is wandering around/avoiding his computer/messing with binders or something in the other cubicle. Neither of us has all that much to do right now until other people start doing their jobs, which is frustrating. I hate not being able to do something until someone else cooperates. Hence why I am playing this game at work, because there really isn't a whole lot to do and I'm stretching out the project I'm working on as slowly as possible.

10:13: Sleeeeepy. I've been trying to go to bed promptly at 11 or even before every night this week, and yet I still wake up every morning exhausted. Not to mention waking up every few hours as usual to check to see if the alarm is going off yet, the way I do every damn weeknight. I can't just sleep soundly and uninterruptedly knowing I have to wake up way too early.

10:15: Oh, woo, I finally got an item: loose teeth. Like I didn't have plenty of those already. And a lihc eye. Whee. That might be a bounty hunter item today though? Hope? Oh well, I don't do cooking (not when I can get food from the clan. Just like real life.), so I can donate it if he isn't taking.

10:17: I want to eat my lunch already, but pitas are messy and fall apart immediately and I do NOT want someone walking up on me while I'm a mess like that. I brought along a peach and a "pluot" (plum + apricot, minus the sourness of both! Hooray!), but right now I am just not in the mood for fruit. I want fruit when it's hot out, not when I'm indoors in air conditioning and REALLY. WANT. CRUNCHY.

YAY! I got a ghuol egg! On to the Spooky-Gro search before I run out for the day.

10:21: Wow, I have a SHITLOAD of meat now. Over a thousand. This shall be useful.

10:22: I love my familiar, Bob the mosquito.

10:26: HUNGRY. Want chips. Don't want tiny-ass vending machine chips. Is not even 10:30 yet. I keep compulsively sipping Mountain Dew as compensation for my craving, but it's not working (plus gonna make me have to pee).

10:27: At least I should have SOME stuff to donate to the clan, albeit not that great of stuff. But hey, I don't plan on using the spooky shrunken head/skull/whatever stuff myself, so...

10:29: You know what sucks? Being one of the few West Coasters on the chat channel and they've ALL had lunch by now. And I have over an HOUR to go.

10:30: Come ON! I've got everything but the Spooky-Gro around here! And I'm out of adventures!

10:31: Lihc eye sold off for 38 meat. Yay bounty. Off to the clan stash.

10:35: Donated so I'm up to 255 Clan Karma, got rid of the Pixel Hat (sigh).

10:37: Dammit, there is no longer ANY anticheese OR Spooky-Gro in the clan stash! Wah! Did, however, pick up the Dead Guy's Watch I was futilily (futile-y? How is this spelled?) trying to get yesterday or the day before for a free adventure.

10:39: Hey! I'm high enough to get to enter the Mall of Loathing! Okay, never mind, the prices are insane-o-rama. Fuck this shit.

10:42: Fuck this shit, part 2. I just got the stuff from the clan stash to make a blood-faced volleyball familiar, and now I'm not allowed to put it in the terrarium? WTF? Okay, never mind, I got it in the terrarium, and it is doing this: "It begins to float back and forth in the terrarium, smiling at things."

Maybe I shouldn't try to get other familiars if this is such a PITA.

To finish the day's tale, I ended up getting Spooky-Gro from MechaAlice and made myself the ghuol whelp familiar after all, figured out how to put the volleyball in the terrarium, bought a potato familiar, got the Clockwork Maid to work, and got enough pixels out of the clan stash to make a pair of pixel pants. All in a good day's work, I guess.

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