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2012-08-12, 10:26 p.m.

I spent the weekend petsitting an adorable corgi named Lili, who was soooooo cute and sweet. It's my mom's friend English Pat's (she knows way too many people named Pat, gotta distinguish somehow) doggie, who Mom petsits for. We had theater tickets for the weekend, so I was there sponging off the situation.

English Pat has a very lovely, British house, and even a stuffed corgi with a crown and cape on. I would totally want one of those for myself. Lili is all cute and waddly and sweet. She apparently loves drinking from the hose--more specifically, "biting the water."

On Saturday, I was pet-sitting alone while Mom was off working on her side job stuff, and I had permission to go in the pool. Well, I'd been told that if I went in, Lili tended to run back and forth along the side, but wouldn't go in. Well, she did that, but she also started barking, rather frantically, the more I went in the water. Since she doesn't normally seem to be a barker, that was kind of worrisome, and I got out.

I tried getting in a few more times (though I didn't really swim in it--they have one of those annoying pool cleaner things on a long hose in there and god knows if you try to swim in a pool with one of those, you're always running into it) and she wasn't so bark-y, but I eventually figured out what she wanted.

At one point I started moving the dead bugs away from me, and Lili got all I figured it out: she wanted to get splashed so she could bite the water! So I splashed her back and forth while she ran around and she LOVED it. And kept wanting me to do it again and again. SO cute. But on the side of the pool she'd only do that for around 5 minutes at a time before getting winded.

On Sunday Lili indicated that she wanted to go in the shower--we assumed for the same kind of activity. However, she clearly didn't like how we were attempting to spray her with the shower hose, and started barking kinda incessantly at how we were doing it for well...a long time. I'm sorry, neighbors. I swear we were trying to get her to be quiet.

Later we attempted to take her for a walk, but she just wanted the hose...and so I hosed her for a half hour before Mom was all, "Okay, that's enough watering of the lawn." She did not tire of that and it took a while to get her to come into the house again! I think the shower problem was that due to lack of room in the shower, we weren't directing the water back and forth for her to bite at in the way that I was in the pool, or with the hose.

I miss her already. Such a cute doggie!

In other news, dear god, I love how Britain does Olympic ceremonies. I am sorry I missed the opening one to go to Joan Jett, but holy shit, the closing was an acid trip of AWESOME! Freaking brilliant.

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