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2013-08-12, 9:50 p.m.

I woke up at 3:30 this morning in a car panic. I expect to be doing this oh, probably every single night this week. I don't want L to go (still bummed about that, but it can't be helped), but hoo boy, will I be relieved to be a week from now, having survived this week, the payments, and the drive to SF and back. GOD HELP ME.

My coworker kind of gave me some crap for already breaking out the Mountain Dew (my equivalent of coffee on really bad days) upon arriving at work, and was all, "Why can't you relax and enjoy it?" Hah.

Well, I put in to get the insurance taken care of...and so far he has been asking me a bunch of things I didn't quite expect. Oh, and I had no idea that ah, they literally charge you money every single time you are billed, or use any kind of payment system. What? This is a bank now? They charge interest on this crap? Nobody ever told me! Literally the only way to make this the cheapest possible is to pay them all in one go. BLECH.

I called Mom during lunch to confirm that this was a thing, and she drove me up a damn wall. She yelled at me for (a) getting upset about this, because I should have known, I guess, and (b) "they don't charge me extra...I don't think they do anyway..." (hint: you might want to check) and (c) well, you spend money on other things, why do you have a problem with this? and blah blah it's all my fault why do I have a problem I always have a problem why can't I just calm down and be happycakes until I got fed up and hung up on her. That really ticked her off.

He is still working on the form. We'll see if it happens tomorrow morning or not, I guess. And at what freakish time of the morning I will wake up freaking out tonight...and if I can get back to sleep after it happens.

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