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It Doesn't Suck To Be Me

2007-08-13, 8:28 a.m.

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I actually had a good weekend around the family! A MIRACLE HAS OCCURRED!

Mostly it involved lots of theater. Mom and I have season tickets at this outdoor amphitheater in Oakland that puts on musicals, and sometimes Laurie and Amanda come along. They came along with us on Saturday and man, that was fun. Not a whole lot of "what stupid shit Ron is up to lately" talk went on (he isn't speaking to her), but it was definitely like Laurie had been let out of prison or something, 'cause she was bouncing off the walls with excitement. (While sober.) It was great fun. I can't wait to go to a bar with her someday and see how THAT goes.

Anyway, we are discussing them getting season tickets along with us next year, so they can come along on a regular basis.

And as for the rest of the weekend....WE FREAKING SAW AVENUE Q!!!!!1111111!!!!!

I got the soundtrack for this show years ago and declared it my favorite musical, even though I couldn't actually SEE it, since it wasn't remotely playing anywhere near California (except for 9 months in Vegas, but the tickets to go to that showing were incredibly nasty expensive) for years on end.

Friday night we got home, turned on the TV, and there was a commercial for it! It was playing! This month (pretty much only)! In SF!

I insisted that we go immediately. And so we did.

It was, predictably, AWESOME.

There's not much plot that I missed from hearing the soundtrack only. I didn't know they had animation going on during the show, which was cool. Nor did I get that sometimes two people are playing one puppet (Trekkie and Nicky are large enough to require 2 people to move both arms). This works surprisingly well.

Also, there's a GIANT KATE MONSTER at one point. Oy!

I love Kate Monster.

Plus, I got an "It Sucks To Be Me" shirt. You know I had to. (And a magnet and program.)

Heck, even Mom liked it, and I was suspecting she'd be traumatized by the puppet sex.

Naturally, I am still bouncing around high off of seeing this, not to mention raiding YouTube for more videos of extras from the show.

In other news, I did tarot readings for both Mom and Mauricio, but refused to do one for Mom's work friend Crazy Peggy. (Crazy Peggy has been hauled away by the nice young men in their clean white coats while at work, and vacillates between wanting to kill herself or her husband, and wanted me to see if he was going to die. No way am I touching that one. Yes, clearly I'm not the only one attracting Teh Crazy.)

M's had to do with his ex-wife situation- she has cancer and he has offered to 100% support her financially, which he totally can't afford but he feels obligated to for the sake of the kids. I advised him to not give her so dang much money when he can't afford to, and he agreed with it at the time. This was all the funnier considering that I was using the Cosmic Tarot deck to do this and got the 8 of Pentacles in the "how other people see you" slot...and that card is literally a woman slyly eyeing a bush full of pentacles. Someone looking at you for money much? But according to e-mail this morning, he is apparently not going to tell her no on the money thing.

Mom's was interesting... I've always refused to do one for her before because given the Dad situation, I knew her cards would just come out really depressing. I am glad I waited until after he died to do it, because sure enough, she had the Death, Five of Cups, Three of Swords coming up for her past/foundation/how other people see her areas. Looks like the future will be bright though, as she got hopeful cards. Mauricio got all, "Ooh, that card's about me! I'm a Pisces!" when he saw the Moon card come up in the "how the querent sees herself" block. Um, okey-dokey, sure, why not.

Oh, and um...I think she'll be meeting a dude. (No idea what Mauricio's reaction was to that one. He had blank face going on.) She came up with a King of Swords in the final outcome slot, and when I drew an extra card for clarification, I promptly got a Knight of Wands. Two guy/people-related cards, kind of similar in imagery, plus Knight cards generally have something to do with change coming in...

Well, I think she's meeting a dude. (Though whether or not it gets romantic, I dunno.) This shall be interesting...god knows I'd love her to get a boyfriend who can actually be her official boyfriend!

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