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2013-08-13, 10:59 p.m.

I have officially Bought Insurance and Bought A Car. MOST EXPENSIVE SHOPPING DAY EVER! Take that, craft fairs, Hawaii, and Disney World!

After asking me many questions--and apparently having a driver's permit got me 4 years worth of driving experience time, hah!--the insurance price was brought down to lower than the original quote. And since I paid for it all in one go from my savings (gulp), that was cheaper than it could have been. And I gave L the check tonight at volunteering.



I am trying to not think too hard about that right now.

Compared to the freakouts of the past days, other than kind of being out to lunch mentally all afternoon after signing the feels like nothing much happened. Well, I technically bought a car, but L needs it more than I do in the next 2 days, so I will not be taking it home with me until Friday. Feels same old, same old, other than the jokes we keep making about the situation.

I also saw my shrink today before signing the papers, and she was all, "Of COURSE you feel insane right now. Who wouldn't feel insane right now? Just be glad you're not buying a house!" AMEN TO THAT.

I have also booked a DMV appointment for the soonest date...which is 10 days exactly after making the sale. Which is their deadline for such things. For those of you wondering, as I was, "Uh, what EXACTLY do they mean by that, does that mean I have to have it done by the 9th day and on the 10th I'm screwed, or does it mean that the 10 days starts the day AFTER the sale or ON the sale or what...." I asked my insurance guy and he said that as long as I'd made an appointment and looked like I was trying to do it in a timely manner instead of dragging ass, it would be fine. Okay then. tonight's developments: We were going to go to L's brother's favorite crab restaurant in SF for the farewell dinner. Except her other friends attending, V&C, don't want to go there--one of them is allergic to fish and I guess they are both pretty picky about restaurants. So L was all, "okay, you pick one."

So L then heard back from her friends, who have now picked out some VERY FANCY VEGETARIAN restaurant to go to...and already made the reservations. We looked at the menu. I hate to say it, but I didn't comprehend most of the menu and it all looked like it was along the lines of "extremely expensive with small portions." (Damn snobby rich SF restaurants.) When you buy one brochette for $18 and that's the cheapest on the menu...erm.... L asked me what I thought about this. I was all, um, well, I'll suck it up and go (note: she said she's paying for dinner)...She was all, "well, I'm willing to try it, but (her brother) is the kind of guy who wants the shirt that says "Meat is murder...tasty, tasty murder." I think he'll kill me if we go there." Plus they could only get a reservation for 5:30...or 9 p.m. 5:30 is doubtful and both of us are all "no way on 9." So who knows there. Other than San Francisco restaurants are all freaking ridiculous unless you're getting a bread bowl or fast food :P We'll see.

Anyway, a big thing happened today, but it doesn't feel like it, you know?

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