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Aftermath Meeting #2

2015-08-13, 10:57 p.m.

Continued from here. And yep, ANOTHER two-part Thursday!

So this time my boss had to go to yet another meeting about the shooter event, and she brought back the memos from it, which were supposed to be compiled from the reports we had to write up. Notable things from those:

According to the report, the chick at the front counter where I was “engaged [shooter] for about 2 minutes before he brandished a weapon.” I would have said about a minute. Anyway, he shot at the glass, then went around trying to open every door while banging and shouting. He got into the back of one office, but some doors were closed/locked and other areas appeared abandoned. “Staff sitting in one of the conference rooms encountered the gunman. Several staff members were “wounded” during the exchange.” (Clearly they are being nice about it.) He headed to the higher floors, but could not find anyone on the third floor, as “all staff had escaped or were hidden.”

They were unthrilled at how some people closed their areas before they had any interaction with the shooter or any real indication that he was a danger. (But…well, they knew what was coming, come on.) Also, some people apparently got out of the building before that as well! Some folks thought it was over and started coming out of hiding, people weren’t sure on the sturdiness of doors and windows.

All departments need a plan, everyone should get trained in dealing with angry clientele at the front desk, we should have drills on a schedule.

On the list of compiled questions and suggestions from the forms, one person said that anyone getting “shot” should have been police officers instead of staff because we haven’t been trained for that. I both kinda agree and at the same time think that was entirely the point. Oh yeah, and EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE A PANIC BUTTON, DUH. I think everyone in the area I was in got quoted, though I wasn’t too thrilled at the one they selected from mine being used. I did like someone’s quote of “Since it was a drill I wasn’t sure at what point we “knew” something was wrong.” GOOD POINT.

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