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2020-08-13, 7:08 p.m.

Whew, today's meeting with Grandboss and others went well. No drama, yay. It was another "here is all the tedious shit I do" demonstration, which prompted Grandboss to say that yes, changes should be made to make all of this less ridiculous. She doesn't quite go "This is RIDICULOUS, someone should FIX SOMETHING " like my boss does, more like a long ramble about whether or not this adds value, but hey, any indication of interest in improving archaic shit is a tiny win for me.

On a related note, they asked if we had anything more to say to the consultant about all the shit we put up with, and I wrote out my entire eloquent argument about The Gods of the Giant Org. Frankly, it sounds even more ridiculous when you write it out:due to these people insisting on lording power over us all, it causes huge workloads, lots of emotional drama on the part of our clients, people being at risk of losing their futures, and we can't even ask them to NOT MAKE US DO THAT?! Ridiculous!

Other than that, I spent the day proofreading addresses. At least I had a lot less proofs to do since everything is in the computer now.

The library is reopening again after 14 days...I guess they're all clear. Well, good for them.

On a random note: have you ever found someone's actual doppelganger? I found Scott's on a random dude clip art site awhile back (other than the model dude having a nose ring, it's really dead on), and then lately I found a YouTuber that looks really really really like my friend Jess. Doesn't sound like her (though this lady is also snarky), or else I would really be having deja vu.

I did get the new version of Tuck from Marcia in time to rehearse beforehand, and it's in full and went well. WHEW.

Robin Hood rehearsal:

Oh lord, Act 1, Scene 2. To recap: first Little John didn't want to sing and later dropped out, Jason was put onto singing the number, now we have a new Little John, Jason is feeling overloaded with the singing, new Little John/Morgan said she'd sing it. However: Morgan keeps not wearing her glasses, can't see the script and well....memorization has been incredibly shaky. I don't think they'd even gotten to rehearsing the song? Lord, it wasn't good. I almost ended up being put into the number to have to Walk Like A Medieval Egyptian dance in the ah, background, but Linda didn't like how my computer looked with trying to stand full length in front of the camera or sitting down, so I'm out of it. Yay. Fine by me. Let Brunette Sarah have a dance solo since she doesn't have any singing numbers. Anyway....that is going to have to be redone tomorrow night. After Morgan gets more rehearsal. At least she got persuaded by Linda to wear her glasses. I pointed out that several other people are wearing them.

Even more awkward, Morgan started coughing pretty badly out of nowhere for a while. Though that did lead to the following lines:
"Are we social distancing in this forest?" -Cameron
"I don't think you can get any further away." -Linda


Cameron answered the door for the mail in her Robin Hood outfit and forgot she had it on. "What? Ohhhh, it's because I look like a Keebler elf. Never a dull moment, is what I'm saying."

"I could wing it! I don't mean winging it on singing, I mean winging it on dancing!" -me

I was saying that I think it's funny that in my Saxon forest woman/merry maid outfit, I actually HAVE a green hood, unlike....y'know, Robin Hood.
"You ever wonder how Robin Hood never has a hood?" -Cameron
"He IS a hood." -Linda
"I'm Robin Hat, the slightly less known cousin." -Cameron

Me on entering and exiting on Zoom: "You gotta know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, know when to get on screen, know when to not."

I asked Brunette Sarah how many hats she has and she said "I have four parts, so four hats." I was trying to figure out how many she had in general because you never see her without one. She never did answer that, but said "and now with my COVID cut, you won't see my hair."

"Unless you wanna dance." "Not particularly." -Jason and Linda

"I'm trying to sell my haircut a little. Or else it's all for naught." -Robert. We then deduced that we can't show the back of his head because he had to rip a seam out the back of his robe. Oops. Later in the night I don't think he was too thrilled at having to do more filming tomorrow because he said he had to go out among people tomorrow. Wear a hat!

"Do you still want Elizabeth throwing things at me or not?" "That would be good." -Robert and Linda

"A small forest creature is crying for food." -Morgan

Some folks had glitches, sigh. I can say that all my singing went well, no issues. "I don't think we need to do Tuck Be A Lady Again, that looked really good." Yay!

During the "rescue" scene while everyone is blacked out, Robert isn't even bothering to make dish-dropping noises. (To be fair, might be a bit difficult.) Sarah, on the other hand, is making hilarious "glug glug glug, snores, jingling keys" noises during her bit.

Final night of filming tomorrow: have to redo Morgan's scene, the bow, the "Leader of the Pack" somehow didn't film, and the flirting scene again. "It's the last time we'll all be together. I wish I could throw a party," Linda said. Yup.

I haven't gotten to much video watching the last few days, but A Killer Party updated with a few new episodes and I am loving episode 2, in which a meter maid gets to be a detective for the first time. I'm loving this song she's doing. I love how she's trying to pick out the right outfit and being all "Sweet Nancy Drew!" and how she'll be writing her own ticket out of here." I'm amused at the "crowd scene" in which everyone is babbling at once and she tells everyone to self-isolate into different rooms for interviews. Then they all sing songs about being isolated and stuck...hah. "Stuck on the throne here," one guy is. Later he's in the bathtub and I'm like, damn, how did they film this! How did they film all the Alex Newell special effects, green screen, I guess? Alex Newell is amazing as always (even if the skirt he's wearing reminds me of a super high waisted one one I got rid of because it had the same choking-the-shit-out-of-me look he's got. Musta hurt to sing in that?!

Then it gets weird with some girl who is ah...making some kind of sound effect ASMR porn videos?!? I can't even get into why someone is playing her to fold shirts sexily with a Russian accent. Turns out she's the NOT grieving widow. Her song is pretty crazy fun too.

Best line: "YOUR murder canceled out MY murder!" That's the first six episodes....

Then I watched Star Trek: Lower Decks as the premiere is online for a limited time. Okay, I'm gonna say this: someone on the show has my last name and it's so weird hearing other people saying it all the time. It's not a thing I get often, I've only met one other one who wasn't my mom. So....weird. Anyway, besides that, this is exactly what I would have expected from making a silly cartoon show in the StarTrekverse. Zombie outbreak, a rebellious demoted girl who's all "I got trapped for weeks in a sentient cave!" and other crazy shit.... and then a guy gets....I can't even DESCRIBE what gross shit is happening to him. Meanwhile a guy is continuing to have a romantic date while spacewalking to avoid zombies. Interesting life choices there, y'all. I was rooting for them until he lost interest because of science.

"Ransom tried to eat a guy. We're fine."
"She loves the brig!"
"Who has time for romance when there's a level 2 diagnostic to be run?"

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