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Last Night of Robin Hood

2020-08-14, 7:12 p.m.

Just another tiring day where I didn't get to working on anything that I wanted to work on. I spent the morning clearing through piles of shit and the afternoon going through the goddamned group email box since nobody but me is left here today. It was hell. I got it down to 40+ emails left that I don't understand how to deal with at all. I'm sick of weird questions. I'm sick of those goddamned programs that I don't want to deal with. This is busy time for my job, I NEED TO BE DOING MY JOB, NOT ALL THE OTHER SHIT right now. All of mine is emergency and/or huuuuuuuuuge workload right now and everything is falling off the fucking plate. Someone outside of giant org asked how I was doing and I said "drowned at the bottom of the ocean." Not even drownING any more, I am dead at the bottom of the ocean. You can't keep asking for help from a dead girl.

Last night of Robin Hood, waaaah! And it was short, darn it. We had one last farewell cast chat, and Linda mentioned it will probably take a month to edit it all together. Alexis and Bridget will have to do a lot of refilming because Alexis's Internet sucks, but I guess the rest of us are done. "Even though you haven't been in the same room with me, I feel like you've been in the same room with me," she said. She wants to figure out some kind of viewing party when it's done.

Blackouts are starting for the first time this year, as Linda reported that she was getting texted that our tech guy's power is out on the other side of town, and Cameron's parents have the Internet out on the other side of their town. Better film fast, then. (We made it.)

We only redid a few scenes: my first scene as a lady-in-waiting where I have one line, and then The Flirting Scene, which I guess is going to be cut down to only the four of us doing it. We were asked to giggle.

I am happy to report that Morgan's filming of the song went well enough AND SHE HAD HER GLASSES ON SO SHE COULD DELIVER THE LINES, YAY. I still think the choreography is ah, very silly, but Linda thinks its adorable and really cute.

Some snarky commentary from me: (a) I guess nobody has noticed that the green screen is making Alan's green vest show the trees "behind" him. (b) I'm amused that in this show, Robin challenges Little John and Friar Tuck to battles immediately upon meeting them,, then gets beaten, and then is all "Let's be friends, wanna live in my forest?"


"Where you're just skulking so beautifully in your frame." -Linda to Elizabeth

During the flirting scene: "I can't take my hands off...eyes off of you!" -Linda

Cameron can't find her broom because "I've been using it as a combat weapon."

When Morgan was having sound issues, Linda said, "Having a power outage?" Cameron and I were all, "DO NOT TEMPT FATE."

It was certainly convenient to cast Cameron as Robin Hood, since she already had "bow and arrow, sword, broom" around the house.

"Someone asked me if this is Robyn Hood with a y." -Linda.
"Little Joan" and an all female cast was suggested.
"We outnumber the y chromosomes, is true," -Cameron

Those of us left at the end thanked her for doing this show. God, I hope they do another one sometime. "Well, not this week...." Linda said.

This parody video by Gloria Estefan is....something.... I love Gloria and lord knows she's jazzing this up with all the crazy shit she can think of to throw in, but it also makes me very sad, especially the start of it.

Mom called. I had to cave and tell her I am coming to town tomorrow for the eye doctor. "You didn't tell me this." "I don't want to go and I've been ducking their phone calls and texts. But it's not going to get any better" (or safer, or less horrible) "if I wait until later." Or pretend I am going to reschedule, which I totally won't.

I guess Evan has not shown up yet--last I heard from Mom he was supposed to be coming Thursday through Saturday, but who the hell knows--so now Roger will drop her off at home circa 11 a.m. and we'll have an awkward sad hour. Well, at least she can get Jackie's birthday gifts. So there's that.

Oh, I was supposed to be telling a story tomorrow at the storytellers guild, but he apparently filled up the schedule. Uh....why did you ask two months ago.....I thought that was booked...? Oh, whatever. Honestly, I am not going to be in the mood to be funny tomorrow, so not doing it is a relief.

Then Jackie called to lecture me about living in fear again. You know what, under the circumstances I am FINE with living in fear. I am not looking to overcome my fears and get outside. FUCK OUTSIDE, FUCK PEOPLE, NO. Also, she has stocked up on cleaning supplies and wants to hand them out as Christmas gift bags and Karen--seriously, this friend of hers is the most bad stereotype Karen--doesn't approve. I pointed out that cleaning supplies isn't particularly Christmas gift-y, but maybe throw something else like some candy in with it to liven it up. Oh, and then Jackie's power went out. Outages all over the map, but not much in this area?

I ordered Baby Yoda and the Mandalorian Brick Headz and I finished building those tonight. Very cute. Also very complicated.

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