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2019-08-15, 10:12 p.m.

I don’t have much to say about today. I spent the morning dealing with car loan issues and figuring out the online banking, feh. ‘Nuff said to this but I was ready to drink by 10:30 a.m.

It was announced that I will get an office because they want to hire more people in the call center (oh, that’s why?) and then my office friends were all, “why didn’t you tell us?” and I was all, I thought I had to wait until it was announced? and they were still annoyed at me. Then one of them said she heard that basically 80% of everyone else who hasn’t switched offices recently is switching offices, including the entire Shark Tank, and I was all, wtf? Why the hell are they playing musical offices THAT MUCH? It’s nuts.

Craft Center has thankfully been quiet so I’ve been able to get caught up on a lot of my backlogged journal entries (even if they aren't ready to post) and reading my scatty-ass semi-legible notes. Who needs secret codes when you’re trying to read cursive written at high speed in semi-darkness, y’all. Jared asked how the play went and when I said I was auditioning for another one because it had a hippie in it, he wondered if I’d be typecast. I was all, I just played a bimbo, I really don’t care....

(That said, I think I am going to drop out of CC volunteering if I get into the next play, since I don’t have to commit at the CC until the start of September and won’t have already pre-committed to anything. I think....)

In other news, I have been pondering going to the Earthquake Festival, which is an event on the last Friday in August in theatertown that I went to a few times back when I needed an excuse to rent a Zipcar and go somewhere. I haven’t been going to stuff much since July and I was looking around to see what they were doing at it these days and no joke, I saw a mention of a karaoke contest. So of course I felt obligated to mention this to karaoke group text and a few were all “yessssss” and then we noticed that uh, only six people are in this? For a half hour? How are we determining the contestants, anyway? So uh, not sure if anyone else is going to go after that :p I guess we’ll see.

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