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Same Time Next Year

2020-08-16, 9:39 p.m.

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Today I laid around in bed until 2:37. I slept in, read books in bed, took phone calls in bed (Jackie and Mom....I guess Roger hasn't picked her up yet) and listened to meditation apps in bed. Why bother to get up any more?
I did walk around for 90 minutes today. Then was tired.

Today I rented Same Time Next Year since it was the last day available for rental. Julianne Moore and Alec Baldwin reading it. I confess I am not super thrilled at Alec Baldwin's super growly portrayal of the role. I saw the Alan Alda movie yonks ago and definitely prefer him. That guy's actually rather sweet, whereas Alec these days is a cranky bear.

Anyway, the plot of this is that two married people in the same vacation spot once a year have a one night stand and then... keep having the same one night stand every year. George seems to have fallen in love on the spot, but they're like, showing each other pics of their kids and talking about their spouses.... Then there's the year when she shows up hugely pregnant. No fun for you, George! Oh, wait, as it turns out "she broke my pecker," he says about his wife. So SUPER never mind then, I guess? Then her pregnancy and being 200 pounds ignites his boner again. Then she goes into labor.... Think about that one for a while: her going into labor there pretty much would out their affair, right? Plus by rights she shouldn't be going out of town on #4's birthday every year now....

Five years later, she's a Berkeley hippie going back to school and he's a grumpy old man who doesn't even want to bang any more. Then when he wants to, he mentions voting for Goldwater and now she doesn't want to.... I shudder to think if someone ever redid this play for these times. Then he drops the bomb that his son died. Then the next five years later, he's gone into analysis and gotten more Sensitive New Age Guy-ish and suddenly she wants to be making money while he works in a bar. She pays him back 3x over for a loan he made her and is all "I'm not going to have any lover of mine working in a single's bar. My, how they change every five years, indeed. Also, her husband walked out a few days ago.

By the last segment, her husband's had a heart attack and is doing better and they're still together, his wife died. "We've made love 113 times. I figured it out on my Beaumont calculator." Then now that he's single....he proposes. Uh, she's not. She still loves Harry after all these years...and then we find out that he got her and her husband back together a few years ago. But hey, still wanna next year? Sure! Also, he's codependent. I have to marry someone and I'll probably marry my wife's friend Connie and she won't be into my cheating. Geez, what a threat. Oh, never mind, he made up "Connie" as someone he'd marry.... Seriously, I am not fond of hearing Alec Baldwin yelling.

They showed outtakes at the end, which I always appreciate.
"Did I leave the oven on?"
"Did Grandma leave me out of the will?"
"Is this be the part where we be ourselves?"
"I've forgotten who that is!"
"People ask what it's like here. I say it's like The Little Rascals meets The Shining, every day." -Alec.

Alec is also telling crazy Hollywood stories about Brando. That's more fun.

Because I seriously have nothing else to to say to finish out my for today, I logged onto Pan Theater Improv's "Galaxy Probe" show for the first time. There did not seem to be much plot. Someone wanted steak. They had Salisbury steak and vodka sippers. There was the line "Look, someone's gotta take the light bulbs from Planet A to Planet B." There''s also "I'm a fuckup?!" "Welcome to the club!" God, the performers seem bored AF. I clicked out after 40 minutes. What is with this improv troupe, anyway? They are having auditions soon, which I'd be considering doing (I can't get in where I want to, anyway) except they charge $130 a month to perform with them, and wtf? Brian at the Comedy Spot would have a conniption fit at that shit.

I miss talking to Shanna, but she is way too busy to have conversations any more. (Theoretically this weekend, but obviously not.) Though her busy would somehow die down, but apparently not. I surrender.

I did make a list of Robin Hood rehearsal quotes and sent that out to everyone tonight, along with amusing Zoom screenshots. So that's done.

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