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Minor Drama

2008-08-18, 9:52 a.m.

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Well, drama abounded in a minor way this weekend.


1. Her psuedo-boyfriend is back East for at least a month because his father-in-law has pancreatic cancer. I gather M is NOT HAPPY about being there and is being all whiny and wanting to go home. This makes me want to virtually smack him. For fuck's sake, if your wife's father is dying, YOU HAVE TO BE THERE FOR HER. At the very least, pay your dues for getting a green card, but you can't whine about how you don't like it.

It's downright disgusting how Mom is on his side about this and tries to pretend that if he was married to her and pulling that behavior, she wouldn't be mad about it. Bitch, please.

Even weirder: they both called her up at one point when the two of them were fighting about that.

2. In other news, a good buddy of hers, who has been single for years and was refusing to date again, is dating again. Mom feels UTTERLY ABANDONED AND DUMPED FOR A MAN, even though the pair have had one official date so far and the friend has called multiple times to say that no, she's not abandoning Mom. Oh lord.

All things considered, she didn't go totally batshit screamy crazy clingy on ME this weekend...which is a miracle considering how badly she must have wanted to.

In other drama, it turns out having Alicia get engaged on day 2 of a 3-week trip to Europe is no fun for her mother! Apparently Travis (must be an "on" month with his parents) told his mother about how he was going to do the proposal and whatnot, and she is now lording it over Aunt Susie because she knew first. Mom pointed out that if Travis had told Aunt Susie, it wouldn't have ended up being a surprise to Alicia because blabbing would have occurred. Yeah, yeah...also, they can't start making wedding arrangements until they return, which ruins Aunt Susie's fun some more. I gather Alicia has said she'd rather get married by a judge ('cause she's "scientific"), and Aunt Susie is sulking that Uncle Bill, the family minister, is dead and can't do it. Well, yes, but he died in 89 or so, so uh, that cat left the bag long ago.

They get back a week before Uncle Brad's birthday. I'm guessing the conversation will be 5% birthday and 95% wedding hell. SO NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT.

In other news, we attempted to see Seussical this weekend...and ended up walking out. Never did that before in a play EVER. I felt bad about doing it. At 8:30 Mom wanted to walk out, and I said, "no, wait until intermission and see if it gets better." All things considered, Mom was probably right.

I will admit that neither of us are major Seuss fans, haven't read the books since the 80's, and I already was going in with expectations that this would not be my favorite musical ever because Seuss isn't known for having major plots. Hell, he's got an entire book about nagging someone to eat green eggs and ham. I figured the musical was an excuse to have interesting sets and costumes, which it pretty much is. They attempt to have a plot (Horton Hears a Who), but mostly we were just bored and not giving much of a rat's ass or feeling attached to any of the characters.

And I have to say, Horton? "Star of the show" here? Sucked. Everyone else has fun costumes. They weren't going for total representation of animal species, but at least you got the general idea while they were being fun. (For example: the monkeys all had balls attached to Slinkys on their butts. Appropriate.) Horton, on the other hand, is in gray sweats and a gray hunter's cap. He seriously (combined with the look of the actor himself) looked like he was a sitcom dad and should be on the couch with a bag of Cheetos. I wasn't expecting rhinestones, but really, they couldn't have given him some ears? Or a tail? Between the sad costume and the guy's acting being SO flat...I couldn't take watching him.

I was also rather disappointed that it was MASSIVELY FOGGY and cold there, so I didn't get to see the full moon from the hills. That would have been cool.

That said, despite all of the bitching, it could have been a lot worse weekend than it turned out to be. So I am grateful that Mom didn't have any major meltdowns (other than sniffling sadly about how neglected she is), for a change. And my yarn competition entries are going well- I finished one of my Ravelympics projects and am going well on the other one. So that's a yay.

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