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2003-08-19, 6:24 p.m.

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The not-so-great news continues:

(a) Dave seems to have hurt himself after moving all the furniture, and spent most of the day moaning in pain. He's better now, but I'm nervous about having him move more furniture.

(b) This is a good news/bad news segment:

GN: They only made a little hole above my shower.

BN: They're NOT going to fix it tomorrow.

GN: They're not going to fix it tomorrow because they've decided to give me a whole new bathroom.

BN: This won't be until after the start of September.

MBN: No working shower for a WEEK when they do it. Argh.

(c) They have not relented and let us not come in until the frigging power is on tomorrow. Now, really, if they're going to turn off power to THE ENTIRE CAMPUS, does anyone realistically believe and think that the power will all be turned on after a mere two hours? Well, apparently the HOD does, and I doubt anyone else is with him. He sent out a memo today saying that he'd let us into the building if the power was on and if not, bring a sweater and a book because you're gonna have to crash outside.

This just really ticks me off. Dave keeps saying, "But you're getting paid to do nothing, enjoy it!" Frankly, I'd rather get the extra hour of sleep than just "come on time and then we'll see what happens."

(d) And guessed it, I get to go to jury duty! They want me, they REALLY WANT ME. Great odds at my job, since the other guy in my department got called in the week before I went on vacation (he only did one day though). That about happened last year too when we got called a few weeks apart from each other earlier in the summer, but neither of us actually had to go in that time. Lucky us.

The sad thing is, if not for one thing, I'd be cool with being on jury duty. I've always wondered (plus watched too many courtroom movies) what it'd be like, and hey, it hopefully gives you stories to tell afterwards. (Though much like Sars, I'd be about ready to burst from not being able to tell what I did each day until it was over. I don't think I'd do well at that at all.) And I am employed in a job that will continue to pay me while on jury duty.

And while I'd enjoy being at work for the other three days of this week because I'll be the only one NOT on vacation in my tiny department this week, I'd rather miss next week, when *groan* yet another upgrade is made and testing begins. Testing at my job is about the worst thing I have to do, and not only am I not great at it (average; my coworker is much better), it is frustrating as hell. There is one form that would make our jobs so much easier...IF one thing about it was fixed. The one thing screws up EVERYTHING to the point where it is an utter waste of time to enter any information because the glitch deletes all our work classification. The programmers have outright told us they have no intention of fixing this. And yet during testing period, I get to waste hours entering information into that form THAT WON'T EVEN TAKE, every single time. I really wouldn't mind skipping that, thanks.

But on the other hand, there's the Bus Factor. I'd really rather NOT (a) take a bus to campus, (b) take a bus from campus to the next town, then (c) take a bus from one side of town to the other side of town, just to get to the courthouse. That's about an hour and a half one way. I'd really rather not take THAT long to get there and home in the mornings- crack of dawn wakeup, god only knows when I'd get home... that I'd much rather skip.

And somehow I don't think that having a cousin who's a cop is going to get me off from this. Ye olde psychic feelings knew I was gonna get stuck doing this, and they're saying that the court Really Wants Me...on a jury. Argh.

If Dave isn't feeling too injured tomorrow morning, he wants to come along with me on the busses (and theoretically amuse himself while I'm stuck, though I've warned him that there is nothing in that area to my knowledge that he could do or get to eat) and make sure I manage to get there. I hope he feels up to it, because lord knows with the brainpower I've got working for me lately, I highly doubt I can manage all those bus transfers on my own without fucking up bad. And if I fuck up, I get busted by the law this time.

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