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2020-08-19, 9:45 p.m.

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I really shouldn't get bored, right? It jinxes things?

(first written around lunch)

Fires broke out in the area last night and Scott's house has most likely burned down. I got onto the work computer and they were checking to see who's evacuated in Vacaville and yeah, fires were RIGHT in his area. I texted him. He said they got out and got all the pets out and were at his grandparents' in Fairfield and that they got anything they needed to survive since they assume they don't have a house any more.

I offered to copy any stuff I have around here (play programs or whatever) eventually, or remake anything, and he said he did grab the Freddie Mercury, so there's something. (Also, super awwwwwwwwwww on that one.....!!!!!)

It feels so inadequate to be all "If there's anything I can do, which you know and I know I can't actually do so all of this is useless and stupid, but....."

I have about three coworkers in Vacaville, sounds like 2 out of 3 evacuated--the other is on the other side of the freeway and hasn't yet. I guess she had ash falling on the house but was otherwise fine. So far. Penguin Girl (circa 8:30 a.m.) lives in Fairfield and packed her stuff anyway to go to work, it sounds like. (See below for later.)

Quotes from the morning meeting:
"If you don't die of virus and fires, you deserve an "I Survived 2020" shirt." -Penguin Girl, who has packed her shoe collection in the car.
Other coworkers; "It's very rare to jump freeways, isn't it?" "Well, it is 2020." (Again, see below....)
My boss on her kids's incessant asking for candy: "I hear Skittles. They're not even asking any more."

Suffice it to say that I don't really give a shit about work today and today was not the day for Lioness to start lecturing me about how I should be doing my job. I don't start telling her how to do her stuff like I have any idea, sometimes I just do things the way I do so that I can keep track of it. But also, I cannot fucking care.

I just want to go hug him so fucking bad. Except pandemic. And we're not supposed to be traveling anyway (my coworker who lives in Fairfield and actually goes to the office for work, well, l'm not even sure if she can get home? The fire jumped the freeway and shut it down) and the air quality. Shanna was all "Go hug him. We only live once. Who gives a shit. Wear a mask and go hug him. You'll be fine!" but.... "That's on you, my dear." Shanna said her power was out again and she was going to grab the cats and flee to the beach. Or possibly her mom's in Texas (eeek).

(later, after work)

Anyway, suffice it to say I wasn't in the fucking mood to deal with shit at work, and then at the end of the day I heard that they were evacuating in Fairfield.... and then checking a fire map, technically his grandparents' house wasn't in evacuation territory BUT IT'S RIGHT NEXT TO EVACUATION ZONE....oh FUCK. I texted Scott again and he said they are ready to go again since it's a "stone's throw" away. Jeebus H. MF'ing Christ. He said they'd go to an aunt's house n the same town but farther down next.

I texted Robert, he called to say that they evacuated to Davis and are okay so far, they have somewhere to stay, thanks for checking in. Texted Redhead Sarah and she says they have "a vague one" (plan) to grab the cat carriers and papers and also run to my town. Y'know, I wanted to reconnect with the karaoke gang again very badly, but....not like this. Sarah said we should make "I Survived 2020" shirts and "We will survive. Fucking sing that song in your microphone."

I said I was going to do some storytelling events after work today (not performing in either, thank god, because no way in hell) and I managed to log in, but hell if I know what is going on in any of it and I'm not camera'ing up. Also because I'm sitting in the dark for energy conservation. I'd log out but they seem to think it's rude if you don't stay the whole time. ... Oh, and then one girl just told a story (which obviously I was not able to pay super attention to, about reporting sexual harassment at her job and getting fired) and then it ends on "I saved 14 people from a fire when my apartment building burned down." Anyway, I said something about that on the chat, i.e. deja vu or whatever, and she messaged me privately that if my friends need help they can email her. I asked what she meant and she said that people are so in shock that even shopping is hard, so help them make a list. Oh yeah, and turns out I've heard of her.... Go figure! (Told Yemi this later and Yemi got all "90's kid" excited about this.)

I of course had a hard time concentrating during the next one, but Gloria did the dog story again from last Saturday, I still like that one. I did feel sorry for the lady who got a phone call and it kept ringing and ringing during her story, and THEN the person left a message....a long one.... But yeah, otherwise I have no clue. Stories about barns or cows or something. I can't think today.

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