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Reversal of Fortune

2003-08-20, 10:34 p.m.

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The day started like ass.

Woke up coughing again this morning, but was too zonked to go hit the inhaler. Went to hit the inhaler at my approximate usual wakeup time, and... it was empty. I so can't tell when that thing is gonna give up the last gasp.

You know it had to have that kind of great timing, right? Coughing, needed the thing, and... I have to go during work hours to get the prescription.

Since I wasn't going to be able to work for the first hour anyway, and going to get the prescription was gonna waste another hour, I decided to not go into work for the first three hours of the day after all. Course, instead of just going in in person and tracking someone down (everyone else in my department is on vacation now!) the way I'd planned to, I had to call and leave someone a message. Naturally, I left all the work phone numbers well, at work, so I hopped online to track things down.

But, remember that power outage? It took out the school website. I had lots of joy with Google's cache finding a number. I couldn't even get a bus schedule to come up in Google at all, but luckily I found one around the house, as well as my lost inhaler prescription.

Then I checked my wallet. You guessed it, not enough for the $20 prescription on hand, and I had no idea if they took cards or not. A trip to the ATM was needed. But there's an ATM for my bank on campus, so I can take the bus to campus, hit the ATM, then take the bus to the other side of town to get the prescription when the pharmacy opens at 9!

Dave offered to go along with me for the day, since I had no idea where the hell I was going to the courthouse and while he didn't either, he can actually read a map. On the bus to campus, as we're about to hit campus, it occurs to him that uh, if the power's out, so's the ATM on campus.

Fuck! Time to hike across town, dragging poor tired Dave and snapping all the way. You gotta admire the guy for putting up with me on this day, folks. He should get some kind of award for superpatience. Fortunately, we hit the ATM and made it back to the stop in time, got the inhaler, etc. Then we hung around on campus for a few hours until departure. Thankfully, the bus switching didn't turn out to be as bad as I had thought it was.

Here's a funny for you: when I called yesterday and it said I had to come in, it said "call this number again after 12 noon! But it doesn't work if you call on a cell phone, so make sure you use a landline!"

Okay, so the bus schedule was (a) leave campus at 11:30, (b) switch busses at noon, (c) arrive at courthouse at 12:30. Uh, YEAH, the closest landline I'm gonna find after noon is...when I reach the courthouse.

You can probably guess what happened next from here: we went in, found the room, and found a notice: "Group 129's jury duty has been canceled. We won't call you again for 12 months!" Woot!

The day made a drastically cheerier turnabout from there :)

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