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More Failures As A Woman

2005-08-20, 7:59 p.m.

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Long, tiring day.

For the record: Mom spent the night at my place last night, then worked on cleaning it in the morning and afternoon until it was time to go visit Dad. He's not moving into the nursing home until sometime next week, thanks to something really disgusting happening with the feeding tube. I'm supposed to go with her to the place tomorrow to check it out, because she can't bring herself to do it alone. Coincidentally, that's how I feel about cleaning this joint.

(Truth be told, I think she's looking for an excuse not to go see him until as late as possible. "I literally SIT THERE AND DO NOTHING. FOR HOURS," she says. "At 9:30 last night, they came in to (do nasty personal things I refuse to repeat) to him, and I figured I might as well go, but he was shaking his head no, no, no, and I was all, I can't EVER do anything. Your aunt and uncle expect me to sit there and hold his hand all day long, all night long, and get stuff done too?")

Anyway, despite my usual bitchiness with regards to (a) cleaning, (b) being woken up at 7 a.m. to do said cleaning, and (c) having to spend $90 on cleaning utensils because she didn't like what I had, including spending a good chunk of change on the only mop not on sale because it was so superneatokeen that nothing else would do, and her usual bitchiness about (d) why aren't you a nice and neat person, we didn't fight all THAT much like usual. Go figure.

And a fair amount managed to get done before I had my class at 11. The boxes around the apartment that aren't Heather's are almost entirely emptied, trash has been taken out, laundry has been done, I threw out the bags of stuff I wanted to salvage and um, couldn't, some boxes are out on the sidewalk with "FREE" signs (it amused me to see some dude walking off with one item about five minutes later), another good chunk of dishes got done, and I cleared out the hall closet. Now the hall closet smells like nasty flood since I opened the boxes in it to check for stuff to launder (sigh), but at least it's picked up and looks neat.

The annoying thing is that the disposal has busted. The water will go down in the sink...but slowly. This makes doing the dishes difficult. But on the other hand, I can't put in to get the disposal fixed until the kitchen is picked up and all the dishes are taken care of. Whee, catch-22!

Stuff still left to do: finish all the goddamned dishes, clean bathroom, fix up everything in my room *sigh*, clean out back patios. Bleah. This may be going on for awhile.

Incidentally, having her get a HHCW, even for a brief period of time, has totally changed her. She actually asked ME about getting a cleaning lady. When did that switch?

Other than that, I had frit painting class again. It was lovely. I got four lovely pictures done and barring disaster, they should come out well. One of them goes to Mom, depending on how they come out.

Oh, and a late update: Chris has gotten a job... in Fresno. He will have to stay in Fresno four nights a week and come back on weekends. Heather is not thrilled at this, but it's fat money, so there you go.

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