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Miscellaneous Whining While At The CC

2013-08-20, 8:28 a.m.

(Written emo-style during my volunteer shift.)

Apparently my telling people about how the weekend's driving went is very entertaining to listen to. I told a random lady I've been hanging out with sometimes when I run into her on the way to work about it, and I told my coworkers at lunch today (boss's b-day). My boss said that even when things are going well, I make it into a story. Even when nothing happens, I am a hoot to listen to, I guess!

It's time to sign up for next quarter's shifts at the CC. I switched nights this quarter because L wanted to take a class on Thursdays and I wanted to make sure I had a guaranteed night to see her on--I know how the people who are moving disappear very quickly into doing nothing but packing. But it's been very weird to be on Tuesdays and I am thrown off every week and I have planned to go back to Thursdays come the fall, big time.

But looking at the class listings tonight with my fellow volunteers.... the most promising looking new class (advanced painting) is on Thursday nights. Darn it. I guess I'll be staying on Tuesdays for the fall.

I miss L. It's very quiet without her around tonight at volunteering. All the other volunteers were weirded out. I e-mailed her this morning about stuff and sent some pictures, but she hasn't written back yet-- I assume she's busy or whatever. But I do wonder if she'll be someone I hear from in the long term. The friends of mine who have moved and we still stayed in contact were writer-types or at least chatty online, I'm not sure how she'll play out on that. We've usually been semi-chatty on e-mail, but pretty much all of that was making plans for stuff IRL. So I don't know.

The tire looks like it's still deflating. Fuck. I e-mailed the mechanic, but it looks like I should be booking an appointment and uh, I don't know what time I can get over there after the DMV. Argh. I keep wanting to check e-mail to see if I have heard from either of them (no), and I probably won't tonight, so I should stop that.

I'm wondering if I can still make it to writer's group, or if I should just pump up the tire again come tomorrow before I leave and hope for the best. I'll probably end up doing that. There goes the laundry money :P

On the one hand: I drove my own car over here tonight! I can drive it home without a half hour hike in the dark because there are no night busses in the summer! On the other hand: I keep wondering how much money it'll cost me to get this tire problem fixed and I'm nervous. I never had to worry about that before.

Argh. I am trying to not worry about the money this week (at least, enjoy yourself for one week, right?), but I keep wondering: first I get pulled over by a cop, next there's a problem with the car....will strike 3 be a sudden accident, just to really fuck with me? I know someday the odds are high it'll happen--happens to everyone--but....

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