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Fun with Dolphins

2006-08-21, 4:19 p.m.

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So, yesterday I went to Marine World with Jackie. This will probably go down as my one really good day this summer, because it was a lot of fun.

The last time I went with her (maybe...four years ago? hard to remember now) we went on a bunch of rides. This time we decided to do the animal thing. Went to a few shows, got wet on a ride, and spent a lot of time watching the dolphins.

They had an area where you could feed and pet the dolphins 4 times a day for $5. It seemed reasonable. (Though I looked at the fish they handed us, felt grossed out, and said, "Uh, you feed it my fish, okay?") A dolphin feels about how you'd figure they feel.

Dang, they are cute. It was pretty funny how they were doing little leaps and bouncing up and down in the water when they saw the line of people waiting to feed them. Jackie brought two cameras along and wanted to get more dolphin shots, so we went back to a later feeding and got to see them doing more flips and catching balls and stuff during that feeding. It was so cute.

It was good to get a good gossip session in person. Happens so rarely these days.

Interesting thing: Jackie said that if I ever do move to Southern California, she'll move with me. At the moment, she's as stuck dealing with her icky family situation as I am with mine (living with her grandparents/caretaking for her grandfather with cancer- and he ain't pleasant to deal with), but someday, maybe...oh, who knows. But it'd be nice if I ever did move down there to have two friends in the vicinity.

We did discuss taking future trips when I am free to go, namely a Disneyland trip and/or possibly going back to Marine World and paying the extra bucks to do the "meet the dolphins up close and personal" thing. That would be cool.

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