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The Reading Of My Life

2004-08-24, 11:37 p.m.

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So, as detailed in the LJ because I can collect specific entries there, Jess and I have been doing obsessive tarot readings like every day. We both seem to be in THAT kind of Wiccan mood of late. Hell, I'm looking into doing some spells to deal with psychic vampires and making a charm to get crazies to bugger off, I'm in that kind of a mood. I just ordered myself some tarot card pendants to make a necklace with for meditation. (High Priestess as the center card, since I am getting that one a LOT lately, and Wheel of Fortune and Moon as auxilliary smaller ones.)

Anyway, the readings have been amazing. Jess seems pretty flabbergasted and says that I'm going through major changes right now for the better now that I'm not willing to put up with going for well, crazy people, or put up with any old thing just to get a man. Amen to that.

So anyway, she wanted to do a reading for me, so I said, "hey, let's ask why I always have crazies attracted to me."

1. Querent (card representing me): 10 of Wands- I always take the burdens on.

2. Hierophant (what covers you): conforming to societal norms is an issue for me. Who's surprised to hear that one?

3. Page of Wands (foundation of the matter)- getting big news. Now the Complete Idiot's Guide to Tarot talks about a time factor with the minor arcana cards- wands = weeks, cups = days, pentacles = months, swords = who knows, and the number of the card is how many. So she asked, what was going on 11 weeks ago? I went to Montana. She thinks I started having big change right around then.

4. Fool (past)- shouldering the burden of experimenting.

5. 3 of Swords (what may happen)- Despair, big shock.

6. High Priestess (what will happen)- trust your intuition.

7. 2 of Swords (what you feel about the question)- balance of conflicts, stalemate- right now I'm in between becoming a better person and worrying about crazies coming.

8. 8 of Swords reversed (what others feel about it)- Let go and relax, the pressure's off. Or as Jess put it, I'm moving beyond the attractiveness to crazies.

9. Ace of Wands- beginnings, also could be "something happens in a week." (I end CC shifts, anyway.)

10. 7 Pentacles reversed- hard work won't necessarily get you what you want. Since this wasn't too clear, Jess pulled another card for clarification.

11. Ace of Swords- you can power yourself through this.

Which all summarizes as, you're moving out of the attracting-crazies period! You're not so unstable, so you won't go around attracting unstable people! Yay!

However, this setup led to us having an argument about whether or not I am really better off alone if I can't pick men, and if my ability to pick men would improve or not in the future. So she chucks the cards back out on the table and goes, "Fine! We're going to ask about that right now!"


The question: If I continue on the path of growth I'm on, will I ever find a partner in life, or am I better off single?

1. 9 of Pentacles- mastery, independence, financial and personal security.

2. King of Wands- probably represents me and not anyone right now, leadership, seeing potential.

3. Queen of Wands- we figure that's Jess, since (IMO) that's her personality.

4. Star reversed- holding on to what's left, what you hope for will not materialize as hoped, doubt and pessimism, confused, stubborn. Well, that fits the past, all right.

5. 4 of Pentacles reversed- me being so sure I can't be happy, worried that I'm going to lose my foundation. Yeah...

6. Death reversed- the war goes on, blockages, future delayed. Surprise, surprise.

7. 5 of Cups- heartbreak. As Jess put it, "Oh, you know this one."

"I'm good friends with this one. We go drinking every Tuesday."

8. World reversed- must do more work to achieve total self-actualization.

9. 3 of Pentacles- you want a foundation of security again.

10. (this card was vague, so two extras were thrown in to clarify WHAT it meant so we couldn't argue the point) Six of Wands- recognition and relationships improving, success.

11. Two of Cups- good partnerships, new relationship.

12. Hanged Man reversed- it's ok to let go of the past.

So I uh, have to admit Jess won that argument. She was all, "See, you are so close to getting developed here that after that, you will find someone who will last! You're just afraid and not believing right now!"

Course, we'll see how long that takes. If we estimate off of my book, the 4 of Pentacles would indicate that "around Christmas" I should meet someone. This kind of goes with a reading I did a few months back that indicated someone who's a King of Swords type was going to come into my life. I used my Quest Tarot deck, which approximates time more specifically, and that said January 4. The timing of the two does make me wonder.

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