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Blinded By The Light

2019-08-24, 8:30 a.m.

Another weekend day that I generally spent moping, and listening to this song on repeat approximately one billion jillion times. I can’t explain that one except Jenny Crusie mentioned it on her blog as being on the soundtrack for her current novel yesterday and I loved it immediately even if I don’t relate to it in my life so much, other than maybe the “ghost of you, it keeps me awake” bits. It’s a powerful song. I wonder if I can find it for karaoke? It’s on the website where one can buy songs, at least.

I did get called by the director of the play finally and I said “Ah, I already heard from everyone else yesterday” so as to spare him the pain of actually having to say it. He was as nice about it as one could be--saying he wished he could double cast, go out for the next show, etc. So...that’s over with.

I had a brief phone call with my old EFT instructor where technology had a huge fail, but I did get to tell her how I’ve been doing lately, so there’s that.

I also investigated to see if there is actually an escape room business in this town--the Internet said there was, but I figured the odds were at least 50/50 of that being wrong, or out of business, or a rumor like the supposed strip club we have in town by the railroad tracks that doesn’t exist. Well, it actually does exist and I did find it, at least, in the back of a building. I passed this information on to Robert to do as he will.

I felt like I needed to do SOMETHING today to get my mind off of the whining, so I went to see “Blinded By The Light,” which is about an English/Pakistani kid named Javed in the 1980’s in a pukey little town in England that he hates where bigotry is off roaming free and he gets harassed. Another guy at school (Roops, I think his name was?) gives him some Bruce Springsteen cassettes and Javed’s mind is BLOWN. He’s totally inspired and relates to him because he’s stuck in a pukey little town too. He’s always walking around with his Walkman on, changes his clothes, gets a spunky girlfriend, gets INSPIRED to change his life and go to college (er, university) somehow even if the family has no money. I really enjoyed that. I love works where someone’s inspired by a muse (the TV show “Eli Stone” did that with George Michael) and it’s not a bad/creepy thing like the Neil Gaiman version of that. And it’s based off real life! So adorable. So I recommend it.

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