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A New Place Already

2020-08-24, 7:50 p.m.

Last night I dreamed I was a freshman at college (oddly enough, not my college--I don't know why my brain can't seem to replicate real life environments I've been in). There were tons of people everywhere. shudder

There's a Zoom outage this morning! Not affecting my work though, apparently.

I am still tired of having to answer questions about shit I don't know about and frankly, wasn't really trained in. Per my boss's instructions, I shipped off a bunch of forms to the people she told me to, and then got reactions from all of them of "You're not supposed to send me these!" in return. I CAN'T EVEN WITH THIS SHIT. I am tired.

Had to sit through a 10 minute(!) online class on returning to work. Why does this thing say "recovering from coronavirus?" We are so NOT RECOVERING. "Things will slowly return to a new normal." "When you return," Hah, no.

Jackie's mom is texting me about the weather today. Why???? Jackie's Santa Cruz relatives have evacuated and split up for the duration--the kids and husband went elsewhere, her aunt has moved in for at least 3 weeks. Oy. Like the condo wasn't cramped enough already. Good luck there. Jackie is frantically texting me about how her life sucks and how all of her friends, including me, think they have problems but they don't really compared to that. Which is true and she's right and I need to shut my privileged ass up because someday I will have to give up my life to clean up poop too. But if I'm so awful, why is she texting me? And frankly, she brought up the agoraphobia (bothers her more than me, seriously) and I don't whine about it because it beats the alternative. But....whatever.

Clearly I need to start signing up for more things to do. So I signed up for a few upcoming events, and someone's offering a nighttime crafting group for the giant org, so I might as well go to that.

Scott's present ships from Reno today. We'll see how this goes. I tried texting him tonight and he said they've already found a place to move into and did so yesterday.* Damn. So yeah, I dunno on this present delivery now....oh well, too late now. Also foils any other ideas I had for present-sending as a surprise since I doubt I can "casually" get the address out of him or go over there, darn it. He said someone wanted to loan their house rent-free to fire victims while they are in the process of selling it, so as long as they can periodically make it look like it was before people moved in, it's fine, and it has a lot of land for all the animals. So yes, it's out in the country AGAIN (oy) but he says not as far out.

* I am not used to people being able to move anywhere quickly since the rental market in my town under previous life circumstance is incredibly rigid. (Hell if I know what they are doing now. A lot of people trying to get out of leases they were forced to commit to in February to attend a school they shouldn't be attending in person in September and there is no legal recourse about that one.)

Anyway...still not sure where the new place is, but I got him to talk about animals for a while, so there's that.

I didn't really bother to take notes while listening to this storytelling event recording, but there's two amusing short stories at the start: (a) an old man calls the police about a burglary and they say they don't have anyone available. Dude hangs up, calls back a few minutes later and says "Don't worry about the burglary, I just shot those guys and the dog is eating them." The cops come over right quick and then he's all "Oh, NOW you have people? Don't mess with an old man." (b) Someone else calls the police and the police say they're so busy they are only able to deal with fires. "Okay, just a minute...." It took one lady a while to figure out that was the punch line. I should probably mention this got recorded before the fires....and later there was yet another folk tale about fire and the teller made a joke that if you ever get frustrated with technology you could just throw your phone in the fire. Huh?

Today's Pick A Card: Your Soulmate Love Story Journey, picked the first one. She said "You guys are a power couple" (er... this seems unlikely, if flattering) and will experience a lot of success. "You're going to get each other in a multitude of ways." You both understand each other's energy/moods. "You will never love another as deep as you love each other?"

Charms drawn: deer (I do think of him as a scared deer), heart, starfish, palm trees, Eiffel tower, pentacle, love, clover, butterfly. Sounds legit.

Cards: Through turmoil, a blessing will soon be revealed. You have the emotional strength to overcome all obstacles. "There is no better match for you or for them." Transformation card. Healing card. Divine timing. Crossroads. Hesitation. Summertime. Someone’s in hesitation, healing will happen in divine timing. Timing is attached to summertime, either separation or coming back together. (Probably the former, of's been a crap summer.) They have to come into balance. You’re waiting. “In union, you’re going to have a beautiful transformation.” Biggest blessing: humor. You guys are truly best friends. Couple goals for other people.

You will always find a way to overcome challenges. This will be incredibly transformative for both of you. "You are inseparable, truly.” “You have been romantic soulmates for many, many lifetimes.” You switch on which one is the most dominant. “Spiritually, emotionally, a perfect fit.”

This one actually did something with dice that was really spot on. "One of you has Uranian energy. Things are going to happen very unexpectedly for this person throughout their life." Clearly me. The other one has "Neptunian energy, very dreamy." Sounded dead on like us.

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