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Your Acting's Really Good

2020-08-26, 8:09 p.m.

Today's morning meeting:

My boss is now able to do phone screening for the new job starting tomorrow and hopes to start "in person" interviewing next week. At one point she said something like, "Can you imagine if we'd been able to hire all the people we planned on hiring in March?" and I straight up said if I do that I WILL CRY.

Also, it's the first day of kid school. One of her kids (a) has no friends of his in his class, and (b) "remember that kid he tackled last year when he wasn't supposed to? The principal's son? Guess who's in his class? It's going to be a good year. Juicy. It's going to be an interesting year."

Today my work attempted to have a Zoom lunch party. This went pretty well, mostly discussed books, but somehow only lasted a half hour? I feel like this group is somehow not great at parties/lunches, somehow. I get that some had to leave, but ALL of them? Weird.

I asked my boss for more help with the special crap, but it is still too goddamned much to do and I am losing my mind and am in an exhausted rage by the end of the day. I cannot keep up with the demands with my regular job AND then the demands of this one all going on at once. And the nitpicking complaints about "can't you do it this way or that way? I don't LIKE it." Lady I don't know (or want to get to know) at some other giant org, I DO NOT HAVE EXTRA FOR YOU AND YOUR WANKY COMPLAINTS. I don't get to tell anyone I don't like it, neither do you.

I have the awful feeling that I will be stuck with the special crap forever, especially since they have no intention of training the new girl on any of it other than the one thing I am already training her on. At least, not now. I don't know when, if ever. I get that she's doing a bunch of other easier stuff and god knows I don't even have the time to do much training with her now--I'm doing it a few times a week but not the 4-6 hour marathon shit I did in spring--but still, THIS IS TOO MUCH.

Also Grandboss has decided for me that things I think are important to proofread are ... not important. WTF? I'd rather fix shit now than have a lot of people not receive their mail because they are idiots who don't know where they live. That really pisses me off about her. It's like every conversation is this:
Her: "Why do you do X?"
Me: "Because I have to check ABC or else we're gonna have a lot of problems and I can't get any tech support to not have to do it."
Her: "Well, you should get tech support, this is ridiculous."
Me: "Good!"
Her: "But I don't think what you think is important is actually important."
Me: ..... (WTF?)
I got called on the carpet about this 15 minutes before I was to do a training and ended up being a half hour late in starting the training, which also irritated me. Now we have to do this for a third day because we're still not done.

Heard from the Craft Center: "Many of you are probably wondering whether or not the Craft Center will be opening in the Fall and the answer is maybe." They think the number of new cases is declining and if that happens, MAYBE they can open halfway through fall. They also asked if we wanted to do online instruction. I'm not sure how to answer that one since I don't have glass supplies around the house. I'd probably teach knitting from home but not glass stuff and this was from the glass manager. I don't really want to be all "Yes, I'll come in person to the center to teach!" and that might be what they are asking? Also, I dunno, nobody's going to be cutting glass from home?

Here's the thing, though: any time cases decline and then you think it's okay to "open up," THEN CASES GET WORSE AGAIN. WHAT PART OF WE CAN'T OPEN UP UNTIL THERE'S A VACCINE DO PEOPLE NOT GET?!? Sigh. If more people have contact with other people, they get sick, don't they?! Unless you've got all the PPE at medical facilities or keep super distant or I don't even know what...

Heard from Loretta, she is also depressed.

My mom fell prey to ordering a scammy shitty item of clothing off DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM NORACORA.COM, FOR THEY STEAL AND MAKE HORRIBLE RIPOFFS. This is a very good video on this sort of thing. Also, google for the name of the company plus the word "scam." If the price looks too good to be true, it is.

As previously mentioned, I signed up for an "acting for the camera class" tonight. Fourteen signed up, 3 showed up. I do not understand this, especially since you were supposed to film an audition and send it in and some people did but then flaked on actually going. "There are a lot of flaky people in this business." And in general. Anyway, the instructor was Agam Darshi, who was absolutely lovely and very flattering to me personally ;)

I wasn't sure what I was supposed to be doing in the thing: she sent various scenes that were with other people and I was all "am I supposed to read the other person's lines or what?" I decided in the end not to and she said usually in this sort of scenario you'd have someone else read the lines off camera or record them for yourself and play it while you act, these days. She was politely not thrilled that I just used plain white video background because of the disappearing body parts and thought I should use a white wall.

But seriously, this lady was very complimentary.
* "Your acting's really good!"
* "I loved it, I think your take on it is great."
* I have an understanding of the character/it works with me.
* "You're fun to watch."
* "As soon as the camera is on you, the camera loves you."
* "You're very funny."
* "The audience won't be able to take their eyes off you."
* I said I was new to acting and she said, "I don't think you're that new."
* I have the talent and I'm good at it.
* "I would cast you in a film."
* "I think you're funny and you could play some really fun characters."

I said that I wasn't interested in doing film--I don't live in LA (also I don't really think I'm appropriate for what people want in film anyway, given age/looks/not hot/not anorexic/weird, but didn't say that aloud) and I was doing this because all plays are on camera now--and she said I could do it. "You deserve that spotlight and are actually good at what you do."


As for actual critique, slow down, savor the moment. Technically I do have it all there, but show where things really hit you. Maybe make it more personal.

So that was lovely.

I have been watching a bootleg of Hadestown online. I would like to note that whoever uploaded this labeled it "you had ONE JOB," which is accurate. I don't know what to make of it. I like the music, I'm a fan of Persephone (in life, which is why I had some interest in watching this), the staging is interesting, a lot of people rave about it. But in the end, it's about a dude who got told DON'T DO THIS ONE THING and then FUCKING TURNED AROUND AND DID IT ANYWAY and IDIOT. It's hard to watch the show knowing where it's going to end, with idiot doing the dumb thing.

Now I am watching a bootleg of Mean Girls. I dunno if I love it, but the "Apex Predator" song is right on point.
Lines from the show:
* "I don't know what we're doing, but I'm it too! I"m ugly too!"
* "I was doing that Japanese organizing thing, where you fall asleep in the closet??"
* That's Regina's mom, with a dog puppet humping her boobs. THAT'S ADORABLE and more shows should just have dog puppets already.
* "I can cure sex cancer!" "Sex cancer doesn't exist." "I did it!"
* I'm amused at the quick change in which they whip off Cady's Halloween bloody bride costume instantly.
* The Social Media Section is....interesting....

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